Beer, Nakedness Win In Super Bowl Ad Poll

    February 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Beer, senseless nudity and cavemen. As football fans remember the glory days of human development, these images made their way from computer screen to brain to conditioned response voting on AOL’s Super Sunday Ad poll. Homo Inteneticus viewed the Super Bowl ads some 42 million times and two-thirds of the time hailed beer as the winner.

Yes, we can calculate the reaches of the universe with relative certainty, send robots to Mars, and find a way, by God, to build an airport on the ocean. But, no matter our lofty accomplishments, it all comes back to the basics of hops and barley.

Four out of the top six commercials in the Super Sunday Ad poll came from Budweiser and Bud Light. The top winner, of course, involved the giggle-inducing and shameless exhibitionism of a shorn sheep. It was nek-kid (get it? Nek-KID-sometimes sheep humor is baaaaad, and ewe just can’t stop ramming the lambest puns.)

Here your list:

Budweiser Streaker 13%

Fed-Ex Cavemen 12%

Budweiser Barn 11%

Bud Light Man Kitchen 7%

Bud Light Office 7%

Ameriquest Hospital 5%

All beer, nakedness, and Cro-Magnon death humor. Just goes to show you, some things are always funny. A dancing sheep is funny. A dancing quark is not.

Historically, the top Super Bowl commercials are a little more complex. Coca-Cola’s Mean Joe Green commercial from the Seventies is still the most beloved.

The top Super Bowl historic commercials of all time were:

Coca-Cola Mean Joe Green 30%

Apple 1984 20%

Rebook Terry Tate 13%

Pepsi Two Boys 8%

EDS Cat Herders 7%

McDonalds Showdown 7%

Those interested can continue the mindless pursuit of commercial pop culture at AOL’s website. AOL said the commercials are “available for free.” Let’s hope that one day we won’t have to pay 99 cents each to view them.

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