Aussies Have No Worries About Google, DoubleClick

    October 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google received the stamp of approval from regulators with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission for its bid for ad serving network DoubleClick.

Google has long claimed its purchase of DoubleClick posed no competitive threat to the world of online advertising. DoubleClick does display ads, Google does search ads, and the two complement each other.

That’s been the mantra of Google executives and lawyers for some time. Australian authorities have agreed with this point of view, and given the acquisition their approval.

The Sydney Morning Herald said Australia’s regulators found the two firms aren’t close competitors when it comes to the online ad business. Existing competition in the marketplace would “put some constraints” on the pair when the merger occurs.

While Google and DoubleClick should enjoy that good news, they still have to win approval from regulators in the United States and the European Union. Conventional wisdom now suggests that significant privacy concerns over the deal will not trump tests for competition for regulators in both places.