AT&T: Nobody Wants Our $10 DSL

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AT&T’s new head is a smooth one, definitely Dapper Dan and not Fop. It takes a quarter-century of industry experience to tap dance around honest questions the way he does.

I don’t mean to sound hateful, just snarky. Straight answers are rarely present in my profession and it’d be nice to see one for a change.

When the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked Randall Stephenson about criticism that the company’s $10 DSL offering, the one required under government conditions to approve AT&T’s merger with BellSouth, was difficult to find and not promoted, Stephenson responded like you might expect a CEO to:

Deny, Downplay, Redirect.

He answered:

We haven’t made it difficult to find. To be honest with you, that’s not a product that our customers have clamored for. We still have $15 offers out there in the marketplace, even $20 offers, for 1.5 megabit speeds. Those are really kind of the minimum speeds that give a good user experience. So I don’t want to necessarily offer up a product where the user experience is not what I would consider really state of the art. That $10 product is kind of in that mode.

Basically, in the basement without stairs in a filing cabinet and guarded by a leopard is on display, and nobody would want it anyway because it really sucks. Good to know those regulatory concessions had some teeth.

Oh wait, we kind of knew they didn’t, even then. Good luck ensuring Net Neutrality principles like they promised too.

TechDirt CEO Mike Masnick agrees:

AT&T actually thinks you’ll believe that they’re hiding their cheap broadband offering because, seriously, who wants cheap broadband when more expensive broadband is available? Of course, this isn’t a new strategy from AT&T. Back when it was SBC and refused to offer naked DSL, the claim was that customers didn’t want naked DSL either, despite the success many other companies were having with it, and numerous articles with people clamoring for it.

I imagine we’ll be having this conversation again in the few years when AT&T is delivering television packages, much like we have now about cable bundling – you know, I don’t want 300 channels, I just want these specific 20 channels. Only then, we’ll be complaining about trying to separate wireless, TV, landline, and Internet services from one another.

Wait and see.

AT&T: Nobody Wants Our $10 DSL
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  • Preston Lewis

    at&t $10 DSL has been very hard to find. Just today, it became easier to find going to www.att.com/dsl, clicking on the “for home” link”, then clicking on the “DSL at even a lower price”. Until now, it’s not been very easy. I looked at it but the upload speed is only 128mbps. Not bad for browsing or email only but for $14 I can get 384mbps upload from dslextreme.com I do think the $10 is a really good deal for many people but it’s in small print under the $14.95 plan, not exactly where it should be for unsophisticated computer users who probably do want $10 DSL. at&t could try harder and advertise it with the rest of their plans. Few serious computer users would choose it anyway.

    • Bill

      I switched the day it became available.

      I never used cable’s bandwidth.

      I was very happy to start paying $10/month instead of $50/month.

      Streaming video (youtube, CNN) no problem.

      I even download movies from Unbox onto my Tivo (though I do this overnight)

      Maybe if you’re downloading pr0n you want the bandwidth cable provides. :)

  • Jeff

    I just tried to order naked DSL, and the repo asked me “Why would we offer naked DSL?” I replied to compete with cable companies and to offer service to people who already have cells phones or VOIP…
    Then I hung up on them… This $10 DSL would turn into $40 after adding phone services and all the taxes they charge. If nobody want’s $10 DSL, it’s because it’s not really $10….


  • Jim

    He doesn’t care-I only found the offer after a friend sent me a link-to find the offer from the home page you have to go thru 2 or 3 screens and it really isn’t very obvious-even if you know it’s there and you are looking for it!

  • Beemer

    Nice HHGTTG reference there.


  • http://www.excavargoo.com Jeff

    I live in the Atlanta area. The lowest price I see on the AT&T website is $19.95.

    If it were $10 I would buy. I need an extra line to backup my cable line.

    I definitely do not need telephone service. I’ve got telephones up the ying yang and none of them are or need to be “BellSouth”. Those !@#$%^&s ripped me off for years!

    When will $10 be available? Please ask AT&T!

    • Jason Lee Miller

      available now, but only to new subscribers…AT&T’s sorry about your luck :)


      • jonny rockets

        i still do not even see how to get there! i can’t find it. they only seem to show me the higher rate plans (not even $14)

        can someone post a direct link?

        • Preston Lewis

          Here’s the link:

          The link may say SBC but it comes from the att.com web page so it should work for all at&t customers.

          • Keith

            Sorry, but the bad guys have already changed the link, and there is no link or mention of any such $10 DSL Offer.

          • Preston Lewis

            In response to the previous post, I checked the link I posted earlier today. It still works for me:


            It begins with these words: “Check now and see if you qualify for $10 DSL.”

            and then proceeds to ask you some questions before the ordering process.

          • ATT needs to be disbanded

            Yes the link is there, but they try to throw up as many roadblocks as they can such as “Lets see if you qualify” and if you get past that they then throw up the street address question which then claims they don’t have your street in their database.

            When I bought my house last year I already had wireless and just went with voip for my house. Somehow ATT knew someone lives here as they constantly send me letters wanting to know why I don’t have a phone with them. Because you are a bunch of corrupt mf’s that’s why ATT. You pull stuff like hide the dsl lite and then try to put it up as many roadblocks as you can. You are not fooling everyone and as head of IT I make it a point to inform as many of my people as I can of your corruption and sell out of the American people..

          • Laura

            Here is the link for Bellsouth (AT&T) $10 DSL:


            The main page is http://www.bellsouth.com/consumer/inetsrvcs/index.html but you have to scroll down to almost the very bottom and click on “Term contract plans available”. You have to have current phone service to qualify, and you can’t currently have AT&T DSL service (you can qualify if you currently have dial-up, though).

            I live in Atlanta so I know this website works for the Atlanta area. To actually order the service, you go to http://www.bellsouth.com/ and enter your phone number and click “check availability”.

        • perry

          Go to the att dsl residential page and click on one of the “learn more” links. Go to bottom of page and click on “terms and conditions”. The paragraph, AT&T YAHOO! HIGH-SPEED INTERNET: will have the $10 deal.

  • Guest

    I just called AT&T and switched to DSL Direct.  6.0M for 47.96.  That’s cheaper than what I was paying before and 3M faster…all with no phone line now. 

    AT&T does offer a basic line for only $2 a month on top of the DSL so for $50 you can keep your home number and get 6.0M DSL.  Not a bad deal.

    Here is the link:


  • Philip

    Following the advise on this site, I called ATT…

    The $10 dsl is only for new ATT dsl subscriber, but for existing ATT customer… Grandpa and grandma I guess.

    The direct DSL advertised as $14.95 is not available according to the supervisor (called on Aug 27 @ 11:27AM)…

    The price is $19.95 and a $5 fee is added for the service, whatever that mean… More lies!!!

    That’s $24.95 plus all the "regular" dsl fees… that they refuse to disclose exactly. You know it is going to be more. Are all the used car salesmen being hired by ATT?

    So naked DSL (barely faster than a good dial up) comes out to over $30 per month…

    WHAT A DEAL!!!

    Some SOB filled their pocket with Millions of $$$ aftert the merger and the promess to offer naked dsl is… well just that. And they are not keeping it. Whay would they? Who is going to come after them?

    Another case of being F**** in America, inc.


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