AOL Ships AIM Express To Web

    August 20, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

AOL took the lid off of AIM Express 7.0 this morning, a Flash-based web version of AIM allowing users to chat without having to install software. So say goodbye to all previously annoying presumptions on the part of AIM software.

The new version, says AOL SVP David Liu, makes it so users can log in anywhere. "AIM Express 7.0 makes it even easier for AIM users, especially those on-the-go, to connect with friends whether at home, at a coffee shop, the library, or wherever they have web access."

Following the lead of Firefox, the new AIM offers tabbed IM conversations instead of a series of bricks along the bottom of the screen. Compatible with IE 6 and 7, Firefox 2 and 3, and Safari 2 and 3, another new feature includes the ability to text message to buddies’ mobiles by entering their phone numbers.

In conjunction with today’s launch of AIM Express, AOL also announced the availability of AIM for Windows Mobile, specifically on phones like Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack and many Palm Treos.