AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition

    December 21, 2007

AOL’s continued lack of success, combined with its ongoing layoffs, has a lot of onlookers nervous.  The corporation can still push through an acquisition, though, and demonstrated its ability this week by finishing up the Quigo buy.AOL Finishes Quigo Acquisition

David Utter first reported AOL’s interest in Quigo on November 7th; in comparison to the Google-DoubleClick proceedings, this resolution occurred at lightning speed.  It also generally occurred according to plan, as the AdSonar technology and FeedPoint business we heard about remained involved in the deal.

Quigo’s CEO distanced himself, however.  "Quigo CEO Mike Yavonditte will head for the door," reports Nicholas Carlson.  "He’ll spend the next six months pretending to work as an adviser to Curt Viebranz, president of AOL’s Platform A advertising division."  And that can’t be too encouraging to other Quigo employees.

But they should be relatively safe, as AOL chairman and CEO Randy Falco stated, "Quigo is an important part of our new Platform-A organization that we announced in September."  Platform-A is, by all accounts, the future of AOL.

Now the only question is whether or not AOL’s newest employees will get their business cards in time for Christmas.