Android App Kill Switch Noticed

    October 16, 2008

The term "kill switch" isn’t too friendly-sounding, and the idea behind it – that some entity can step in and shut things down whenever it pleases – doesn’t do much for most people, either.  But following the discovery of an Android kill switch, it looks like everything’s going okay for Google.

One factor that works in the search giant’s favor is its openness.  A proclamation of its "right to remotely remove" applications bought through the Android Market is in its terms of service for everyone to see.

Google Android

Another thing is Google’s willingness to get users’ money back.  If an app violates the Android distribution agreement, Google will try to return the full purchase price from its developer to buyers.

Finally, users can take comfort in the fact that the kill switch should only hover over apps purchased through the Android Market.  If they really want to buy and keep something, there will be all other sorts of paths through which to make purchases.

Anyway, credit goes to Nancy Gohring for apparently being the first person to look at the Android Market’s conditions, and since sales of T-Mobile’s G1 have already gone through the roof, a minor issue like this isn’t liable to act as a stumbling block.