Andrei Broder Taking Questions At Yahoo

    January 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Visitors to the Yahoo Search Blog can post questions for Broder, who recently joined the company to serve as a research fellow and vice-president of emerging search technology.

Tara Kirchner of Yahoo Search posted about the Broder interview, which will be fueled with questions from users who post them to the Search Blog. Kirchner did not post an end date for the requests, but it seems likely that sooner would be better than later.

Broder has been involved in search for years. He was VP of research for AltaVista, the Google of its time, and then an IBM Distinguished Fellow and chief technology officer, Wikipedia noted. Kirchner also cited Broder’s role as co-creator of Captcha technology.

Only a few questions have been posted in response to Kirchner’s post so far. One poster wants to know why AltaVista plummeted in relevance after Google’s debut; another would like to know Broder’s thoughts on blog, comment, and conversation-based search; and a third asked if non-English language search was a problem for Yahoo Search.

I like asking questions, so I’ll post one too. Let’s see if they accept it as part of the interview:

Dr. Broder - How long will it take for you and your team at Yahoo to match Google in organic search relevance with Yahoo Search?

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