ADTECH: Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing “Brand Love”

    May 25, 2004

Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on “The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing.”

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First Reports from AD:TECH 04...
Reports from AD:TECH 04…

I was writing the Google post during her keynote, but talked with Carrie Thorpe, a product manager with Ogilvy, who gave me the lowdown on the address, and how she found it useful.

“Brand Love” was Allison’s buzz phrase, and to talk about this love she focused her speach on Ustories, a campaign that allows buyers of their new camera to post their own photos and – surprise – tell the stories that make the photos important.

User satisfaction for these cameras is higher than for any other product they sell and they attribute this to the Ustories campaign.

HP identifies four different types of user experience that they’re seeking to capture and publicize, and they know that there’s a specific way to get users to share.

The experience they seek to capture are:

life experience
brand experience
customer experience
product experience

The first type of experience they capture and foster is life experience. Life experience is the easiest sort of experience to capture from people as there are always customers who want to discuss their lives.

To create “Brand Love” you have to create a deep understanding of where the context where the brand exists. And that’s why you have to capture life experience first.

Everything else follows from that.

Another benefit to the Ustories or any experience-based campaign is that you can get a great idea of who your customers actually are. HP’s using this data to create more targeted ads.

User experience is driving HP campaigns (and building Brand Love) around the world, and they’re targetting African Americans, Hispanics, and Gays in the US using the same methods.

How is Carrie of Ogilvy going to use what she learned today? Well, she’s got a client who’s looking to try a campaign that doesn’t focus on price point. She’s going to use what she learned in this keynote as a case study for her client.

Carrie came to Ad:Tech to learn more about cross channel communication and new technologies. She even spent some time in Kentucky and knows some of our more obscure pronunciations such as “y’all” and “luavul.” Special thanks to Carrie for her help.

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