Adelson Dismisses Digg Sale Rumors

    March 7, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Purported interest in Digg by Google and Microsoft made for a hot rumor earlier, but Digg CEO Jay Adelson said rumors is all they were.

When we saw the rumor this morning at TechCrunch – “Google, Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Bids For Digg” – we thought, wow, that bidding could be pretty impressive if this is true.

But the memory of another hot TechCrunch rumor, about Fox possibly rethinking their search and advertising deal for MySpace with Google, which Fox categorically denied to WebProNews, made us skeptical. So we kept an eye on this nugget of Digg goodness to see what would happen.

Our patience proved correct. In a rare move for anyone in tech in general, where comments on rumors simply don’t happen, Adelson publicly disclaimed the rumor:

Normally our policy is to not comment about things like this, but this morning