Adopts Simultaneous Partnership, Launch

    May 14, 2007

These are busy days for – the company, which was founded in 2006, recently launched its new “unique online video advertising service.”  It also partnered with thePlatform, “a leading provider of broadband video management and publishing services.”

Granted, companies launch “unique” products every day, and there are very few corporations that don’t claim to be “leading” in something.  But ClickZ’s Kate Kaye believes may be different.

“The firm is unique in its relationships with Amazon and, which essentially reduces the need to seek individual advertiser clients,” she writes.  “Products from those ecommerce databases will be displayed while clips from video content partner Metacafe play.”

Kaye also notes that “is providing an alternative to pre-roll, the dominant video ad format.”

The company still suffers from a rather barren website, however.  Aside from a few paragraphs reaching out to publishers and advertisers (and some more extensive corporate bios), there’s little to look at, read, or do.

Liz Gannes also has some doubts, and hers, while related to the absence of info, are of an admittedly more businesslike nature; in an article for NewTeeVee, she documents’s “fuzzy claims about how its multi-faceted approach to understanding the context of a video is better than the competition.”

Things are more visitor-friendly on thePlatform’s side of things – this company’s site features “services,” “solutions,” and “about” tabs, with between three and seven sub-tabs beneath each of those.  One tab leads to a confirmation that thePlatform really is “a leading provider” – NBC-Universal and News Corp. both signed a deal with it just last month.

Which brings us back, of course, to the deal between thePlatform and  Each company should benefit from it, and for, in particular, things are looking up with its new launch.