4 New Updates Coming to Google Analytics

    May 7, 2009
    Chris Crum

At eMetrics in San Jose, Google’s Brett Crosby announced 4 new features that are coming to Google Analytics. The features are aimed specifically at the more advanced users of the tool. They are:

1. Pivoting Dimensions
2. Secondary Dimensions
3. Share Custom Reports and Advanced Segment Customizations
4. Manage Customizations Across Profiles

Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions are available in most table views that allow inline cross-tabular analysis of data.

"You can use these new power features to do in-depth, on-the-fly analysis and see all the information in the same table," explains Crosby. "View data by two dimensions at once, such as keywords and cities. Next, pivot by another dimension such as source, while also viewing two additional metrics such as visits and pages/visit…. all within a single table view."

The sharing feature means you can post the URL of a custom report to your blog or email it to somebody. When that person clicks on it, they import the report structure. They can then see the report with their own data in it.

"Now people can share their more interesting Google Analytics customizations without having to send detailed instructions, just share a URL!" says Crosby.


As far as managing customizations across profiles, you can choose which ones get which custom reports and advanced segments. This way, not everyone has to have access to the same things.

Each of the new features are in beta and will begin rolling out within users’ reports over the next few weeks.