Apple iPhone
Apple’s Privacy Hypocrisy: The $15 Billion Google Deal

Google is continuing to pay Apple to remain the default search engine in iOS, a deal that benefits Apple to the tune billions of dollars.

Google Play Store
Google Offered Netflix Special Play Store Pricing

Google reportedly offered Netflix special Play Store terms to keep the streaming giant happy.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 With No Sound? Apple Will Fix It

Apple has announced it will fix iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros that have no sound as a result of a failed component.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Joins Chorus of Voices Opposed to Nvidia/Arm Deal

Elon Musk has voiced concern over Nvidia’s upcoming Arm acquisition, joining a growing list of concerned parties.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
Apple Settles With Developers, Loosens App Store Rules

Apple has settled a class action lawsuit with developers and, in the process, agreed to major changes to how the App Store operates.

Google Play Store - Image by Markus Winkler
Google Bringing Location-Specific Reviews to Play Store

Google is preparing a major upgrade to the Play Store, adding localized reviews to help individuals make more informed decisions about apps.

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio - Credit Google
Google’s Pixel Fold May Be Delayed

Just a week after rumors that Google is working on a foldable Pixel phone, new rumors suggest it may be delayed.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant Driving Mode Now Replacing Android Auto

Google is killing Android Auto, replacing it with its Google Assistant Driving Mode.

iPhone 12 5G
Apple Releases Dev Tool to Prioritize 5G Over WiFi on iOS/iPadOS 15

Apple has released a tool for developers to use to prioritize 5G over WiFi, a useful feature when connected to insecure networks.

Google Play Store - Image by Markus Winkler
Bill Aimed at Apple and Google App Stores Introduce in US House

A bipartisan bill taking aim at Apple and Google app stores has been introduced in the US House, mirroring a similar one in the Senate.