AWS Unveils New Hands-On Training Programs

AWS has unveiled new hands-on training programs to make it even easier for individuals to learn about cloud computing.

Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

There are a variety of reasons as to why your content is not ranking. Learn some ways that you can achieve success below.

Google Fiber Resumes Expansion After Nearly Six Years

Google is once again expanding its Google Fiber internet service nearly six years after pausing additional rollouts.

YouTube and TikTok Are Blowing Facebook Away in Teen Usage

Facebook has a major problem in its attempts to appeal to teens, with the platform being blown away by both YouTube and TikTok.

Google Wants Apple to Fix Texting

Google is stepping up the pressure on Apple to adopt RCS messaging, asking the Cupertino company to fix texting.

Who Needs Financial Advisors? Gen Z Prefers TikTok and YouTube

According to a new report, Gen Z prefers to get financial advice from TikTok and YouTube rather than traditional financial advisors.

WhatsApp Users Will Now Have Two Days to Delete Messages

The window for WhatsApp users to delete sent messages has been extended from an hour to two full days.

Groupon the Latest Company to Lay Off Employees

Groupon is the latest company to announce significant layoffs as a result of the economic downturn.