What Should My Small Business Outsource?

When your business is growing, you’ll think, what should my small business outsource? Learn some helpful tips below.

Tech Resources to Empower Those Dealing With Domestic Violence

It is important to know the signs of domestic violence and connect such people with tech resources to protect themselves.

Microsoft Doubles Salary Budget, Increases Stock Compensation by 25%

As expected, Microsoft has unveiled sweeping changes to its employee compensation, doubling its salary budget and boosting stock compensation by 25% for some.

Meta Scaling Back Hardware Projects

Meta has informed employees it will be scaling back some of its hardware endeavors, although layoffs are not planned at this time.

Volkswagen May Have Bitten Off More Than It Can Chew in Race With Tesla

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is now admitting his goal of toppling Tesla as the world’s number one electric vehicle (EV) automaker by 2025 may be a bit ambitious.

Google Takes Aim at AWS With AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

Google has unveiled AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and taken aim at industry leader AWS and its Aurora PostgreSQL service.

Nvidia Is Finally Open-Sourcing Its Linux GPU Kernel Drivers

Nvidia is — at long last — open-sourcing its GPU kernel drivers for Linux, potentially ending a major pain point for users.

Google Has Deals With 300 News Publishers in the EU

Google currently has deals with some 300 news publishers in the EU, with the company working to make it easier for other publishers to sign up.