Reddit Is Reportedly Retaliating Against Planned Protesters

Reddit is reportedly retaliating against those planning a protest against the company’s recent policy change, blocking their accounts.

Meta Is Testing Canadian News Blocking

Following through on threats to block news in Canada if Bill C-18 passes, Meta is randomly testing measures on a smaller percentage of users.

Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety Has Resigned

Twitter has lost its second head of trust and safety since Elon Musk’s takeover, with a report that Ella Irwin has resigned.

Meta Announces RTO Mandate

Meta is the latest company to announce a return-to-office (RTO) mandate, saying employees must RTO at least three days a week.

Reddit’s New API Policy May Kill Apollo and Other Third-Party Apps

Reddit’s new policy of charging for API access may kill off some of the most popular third-party apps, despite earlier promises to the contrary.

FAA Takes Steps to Prevent Database Errors That Grounded Flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration has implemented safeguards to prevent database errors that grounded flights in January.

Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP

Microsoft has provided details on a new macOS vulnerability, one that could be used to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP).

FTC’s Ring Settlement Shows Why Companies Don’t Respect User Privacy

Consumers who wonder why companies don’t respect user privacy should look to the FTC’s settlement with Ring as Exhibit A.

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