Android Smartphone
T-Mobile First Carrier to Embrace Messages by Google

T-Mobile expanded its partnership with Google, becoming the first US carrier to make Messages by Google the default SMS choice on its Android phones.

Technician Working On Cell Tower
Verizon and T-Mobile Complete STIR/SHAKEN Rollout

T-Mobile and Verizon announced they have both rolled out the STIR/SHAKEN protocols in an effort to fight robocalls and spam.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
Arizona Bill to Regulate App Stores Dead on Arrival

A controversial Arizona bill that would have had profound implications for Apple and Google’s app stores has been killed without a vote.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65
Qualcomm Taking on Nintendo Switch With Android Device

Qualcomm is looking to enter the consumer market with an Android-powered Nintendo Switch-like device.

LG Smartphone
LG May Shut Down Phone Business

LG Electronics may shutter its phone business amid long-standing rumors it was looking to sell it.

iPhone 12
Brazil Fines Apple Nearly $2 Million Over Lack of iPhone Chargers

The Brazilian state of Sāo Paulo has fined apple $1.92 million over not including a charger with the iPhone 12.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65
Qualcomm Finalizes Acquisition of NUVIA

Qualcomm has completed its acquisition of NUVIA, in a bid to challenge Apple’s custom silicon.

iOS App Store - Image by Parampreet Chanana
France Upholds Apple’s Privacy Changes

In a win for Apple and privacy advocates, the French Competition Authority has upheld Apple’s right to proceed with its iOS privacy changes.

Apple Maps Vaccine Info
Apple Maps Now Showing COVID-19 Vaccination Locations

Apple Maps has been updated to display COVID-19 vaccination locations, making it that much easier to set up an appointment.

DuckDuckGo on Desktop - Image Credit DuckDuckGo
DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google’s Apps For Spying On Users

DuckDuckGo is mincing no words in calling out Google’s apps for spying on users and not respecting their privacy.