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Click Fraud Is At An All Time High

Click Forensics has released a study showing that click fraud has hit 17.1%, an all-time high. For those of you who are unfamiliar, click fraud represents the act of clicking on a web advertisement to inflate click-through rates.

Arrington To Take Break After Spitting Incident
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TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington had an unfortunate encounter at the Digital, Life, Design Conference he was attending in Munich, Germany yesterday.

He describes the incident in post titled "Some Things Need To Change" where an anonymous person walked up to him and spat in his face.

Yahoo’s the BOSS of Vertical Lens Technology
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Today, Yahoo has announced a new Yahoo Search BOSS capability called vertical lens technology, which enables partners (often with no search expertise) to create a comprehensive vertical search engine that compliments their core user experience.

For example, TechCrunch has launched a technology-flavored search engine as Yahoo cites as its first example. This search engine allows TechCrunch users to search for technology-focused articles and company info across TechCrunch’s network as well as the web, a Yahoo representative tells WebProNews.

Open IDs Get Support From Google

I’ll admit it. I’ve put off purposefully joining Open ID for no real reason. But now, whether we want to or not, you and I (well, I’m guessing you are, anyway) are being jumped in to the world of Open ID. Because not only are Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail (aka Hotmail) joining the Open ID ranks, allowing their logins to become Open ID logins, but so is Gmail.

MySpace Falls To Facebook In Worldwide Traffic

For the first time, Facebook surpassed MySpace in traffic worldwide. In the US, however, MySpace is still ahead of Facebook with 73.7M unique visitors in May vs. 35.6M for Facebook. TechCrunch has more analysis.

Technorati’s New Blog Advertising Network

It makes sense when you think about it. While Technorati is a great social media search engine, it doesn’t exactly have a sound revenue model. Until today.

TechCrunch is reporting a 9am PST launch of Technorati Media, a new CPM ad network for blogs of all sizes.

Gmail Gets 19 New Features, 6 Of Which Are Worthwhile

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday’s 6pm PDT launch of Gmail Labs came and went. The Gmail team promises that “We are currently in the process of rolling Labs out to English users” but I’ve yet to see it in my Gmail account.

Facebook’s New Profile Design

Come on, you know you have those Facebook friends whose profile pages look like their MySpace exploded: their profile takes forever to load, their page is six “page downs” long (well, longer, but you’ve never actually made it to the bottom) and they never met an app they didn’t like. Well, Facebook is trying to do something about that.

Socialtext People And Socialtext Dashboard Launches

Socialtext Dashboard with GadgetsToday Socialtext launched Socialtext People and Socialtext Dashboard, significant enhancements that make people a first class object in the wiki platform and give them greater control over their internal and external information.  We also launched Four Solutio

Fun With TechMeme Numbers
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Last week, I posted an opinion piece about TechCrunch’s prominence on TechMeme. There wasn’t a lot of response—if that tells you anything about what my opinion’s worth—but there was a point brought out in the comments section of that post, and a blog post elsewhere echoing. So that’s good enough for me to do a follow-up and extend on a point.

Is TechCrunch Really Suing Facebook For $25 Million?
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Over at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington has a post announcing that his company is suing Facebook for $25 million for allowing "advertisers to post ads using my picture and name to endorse their products without my explicit permission."

Lord Of The Blogs – The Battle For Attention
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In the nearly three years this writer has been diligently typing away, we witnessed cute and compelling blogs grow into the kind of pre-pubescent youth who rationalize violence as a way of dominating their little island.

Adelson Dismisses Digg Sale Rumors

Purported interest in Digg by Google and Microsoft made for a hot rumor earlier, but Digg CEO Jay Adelson said rumors is all they were.

What Did YOU Think of Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes?

I didn’t watch Mark Zuckerberg’s 60 Minutes interview.

Treat Readers Like High Schoolers to Gain Subscribers

At least when it comes to their reading comprehension.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Less people will complete a doctorate as will complete a four year undergraduate degree. Less people will compete a four year degree as will graduate high school. Less education usually means less reading and less reading leads to a lower level of reading comprehension. If the words and sentences you use are too complex a number of people who might otherwise appreciate what you have to say may have trouble following how you’re saying it.

Blogosphere Being Hard on Wikia Search

I’m generally in favour of bashing those who need to be bashed, and I definitely like taking the wind out of the Web 2.0 windbags (you know who you are), but I think the blogosphere is being a little hard on Wikia Search. Mike Arrington says that it’s a letdown, Allen Stern at Centernetworks

Consumers Still See Facebook as Great for Privacy
With all the buzz about Facebook’s ongoing privacy gaffes (I’ve been one of many voices calling attention to them), TechCrunch UK covers another perspective that’s more accurate in terms of how consumers perceive it:

Terms of Use – What Envelopes are Being Pushed?
Quite a major kerfuffle has developed in the past 24 hours over Facebook booting Robert Scoble out of the social network.

Facebook sent him an email that accused him of running an automated script which is in violation of Facebook’s terms of use.

MicroSocialAds To Slap You In The Facebook
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I’m not saying the idea’s not a good one (I’m not saying it’s not a bad one either, follow?), or that something like this wasn’t destined to arise. Pimping your friends (also called "frimping" apparently) is perhaps the next big online marketing craze.

Best Mixx Posts of the Year

Since we are winding down 2007, I thought it would be appropriate to put together what I thought are the top 10 blog posts about Mixx.com that have been written in 2007.


Certainly there have been a lot of interesting blog posts about Mixx, but these are certainly the best ones.

So, without further delay, here are the blog posts that I think are the top 10 blog posts about Mixx for 2007:

Please note that I have not put these in any particular order.

Amid Drama, Blognation Is Kaput
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A lot of drama has unfolded in the past couple of weeks surrounding the demise of the newly created Blognation, an international network of tech bloggers. In the months since Blognation was launched, there have been death threats, accusations of sabotage, failure to secure funding, failure to pay bloggers, and even implications in the death of a blogger.

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