Facebook Oversight Board Open to Other Platforms Joining

The Facebook Oversight Board has a nearly impossible task but, if it succeeds, it’s open to other platforms joining its efforts.

Not So Fleeting—Twitter’s Fleets Not Disappearing

A bug appears to be preventing Twitter’s new Fleets from disappearing after 24 hours as they’re supposed to.

Apple Will Continue to Use Thunderbolt With New Macs

Apple plans to continue using Thunderbolt, despite moving away from Intel to their own custom processors.

Parachute Introduces Superlock, Prevents Others From Stopping Your Video

Parachute has introduced a new feature, Superlock, that is designed to stop an unauthorized user from killing your live-streamed video.

Apple Fixes Issue Preventing Family Shared iOS Apps From Opening

Apple has addressed an issue that caused some iOS and iPadOS apps to not open when a person was on a Family Sharing plan.

Google Preparing Debit Card to Compete With the Apple Card

Following the success of the Apple Card, Google is preparing its own debit card.

Reddit CEO Calls TikTok ‘Fundamentally Parasitic’

Reddit co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman had some choice words about popular Chinese social media app TikTok at the Social 2030 conference.

Vine Successor Byte Released

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann has announced the launch of Vine’s successor, Byte, according to TechCrunch. Vine was founded in 2012, before quickly being acquired by Twitter in early 2013. Vine was a short-form video app that let people shoot, upload…

Google Backtracks on Misleading Search Results

Google is apparently walking back a recent search redesign that made it difficult to distinguish ads from organic results, according to TechCrunch. Google was in the news recently for blurring the line between organic search results and ads, making it…

Mozilla Lays Off Employees To Help Fund Innovation

Mozilla interim CEO Mitchell Baker announced a round of layoffs at the software company, citing the need to “innovate in the areas most likely to impact the state of the internet and internet life.” TechCrunch originally reported the story, with…