Google Spending $1 Billion to ‘Reinvigorate’ Its UK Office Space

Google seems to have missed the memo on remote work being here to stay, with the company spending a whopping $1 billion to spruce up its UK offices.

El Salvador Increases Its Bitcoin Stake

El Salvador has taken advantage of bitcoin’s latest dip, increasing its stake by 410 coins.

Intel Confirms Ohio Semiconductor ‘Mega-Site’

Following reports Intel was looking to build two semiconductor plant in Ohio, the company has confirmed the news, calling it a “mega-site.”

Starting a Business? Everything You Need to Know About LLCs

An LLC is a cross between a corporation and a partnership; it is a common middle ground. Starting an LLC allows business owners to reap the benefits of both a sole proprietorship/partnership and a corporation, allowing them to reduce personal…

Intel Shows Off Interesting Way to Access Content

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, Intel had a lot of things going on. For one, they introduced a whole new family of Intel Core Processors. They also had a cool proof-of-concept device on display. This was something they call the Intel Infoscape.

Bathroom Scale Now Connects To Google Health

We know, we know: many individuals will view this as an invasion of privacy, or at least a potential cause for embarrassment.  Still, you may find it interesting to learn that a bathroom scale is now able to inform Google Health (along with users’ Twitter followers) of a person’s weight.

Delicious Launches New Features, More on the Way

Delicious has introduced some new features. These come in the categories of bookmark display options, tag options, and bookmark browsing.

Laws Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving Have Little Impact

State laws that ban cell phone use and texting while driving fail to reduce accidents, according to a new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

HLDI researchers calculated monthly collision claims per 100 insured vehicle years for vehicles up to 3 years old during the months immediately before and after hand-held phone use was banned while driving in New York, the District of Columbia, Connecticut and California.