Apple Rumor Mill Working Overtime
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AppleMichael Arrington at TechCrunch asks if Apple is building a search engine, pretty much creating rumors and squashing them all within a few paragraphs. The story is interesting to note, though.

PubCon: Succeeding At Local And Mobile Search

For the moment, never mind the "world wide" aspect of the Web.  A whole lot of any business’s customers are likely to come from its home region, and so a PubCon session called "Local and Mobile" search took a look at ways in which companies can best serve these nearby individuals.

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Linking Out Can Be A Valuable Marketing Strategy

Linking out is a valuable marketing strategy on a number of levels.

It increases the utility of your site. People will see you as being helpful. People will see you as non-partisan i.e. not always favoring your own stuff. Webmasters may see your inbound link in their logs and follow them back to you. Links are, at the most fundamental level, a connection between people.

Pepsi’s Social Media Challenge
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Recently, PepsiCo and Edelman Digital staged a small event to tap the minds of 25 social media marketing experts about how best to engage the online community. The event began with mystery packages and ended with a discussion in a special branded area of FriendFeed called the Pepsi Cooler.

The results, though, seem a little flat.

UK Consumers Spend More Online Than U.S. Shoppers
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Online shopping is expected to increase globally this year, but there is a difference between the purchasing habits of U.S. consumers compared to those in the UK.

The average UK consumer will spend 40 percent more online than the average U.S. consumer and make 24 percent more purchases online, according to a new study from JupiterResearch, commissioned by LinkShare.

The PubCon Buzz: Day 2

1WebProNews is in full force at Pubcon, this time not only covering the event, but presenting as well.

PubCon: Reputation Management Tips
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It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that people are watching their money closely these days.  Where they simply may have placed orders before, consumers might Google companies and shy away due to any problems they find.  As a result, reputation management is more important than ever.

Microsoft Getting Deal With Verizon Instead Of Google?

Guess what? Microsoft might actually get a search deal done without Google getting up in its grill. According to reports, Microsoft is close to signing a search deal with Verizon Wireless–making Live Search the default search engine.

PubCon: Real-World Winning Tactics For Content Creation
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Creating relevant content for a Web site is one of the most important things an individual or organization can do and at the PubCon session "Real-World Winning Tactics For Content" focused on ways to manage and achieve that goal.

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MySpace Getting Ready to Launch Primetime Application
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Tomorrow, MySpace will be launching the "MySpace Primetime Application", an app that allows users to embed, search, and watch content from Hulu and MySpaceTV on their pages. The application is a product of a partnership with Hulu, Warner Bros, and Sony.

Primetime App Page

Report: Microsoft Close To Mobile Deal(s) With Verizon

If Google doesn’t do something special, a mobile search deal between Microsoft and Verizon may be cemented in the near future.  A new rumor has Microsoft offering Verizon a far more lucrative arrangement than what the Mountain View-based search giant originally suggested.

IBM Agrees To Help Build Broadband Network Over Power Lines

IBM has partnered with International Broadband Electric Communications (IBEC) on a $9.6 million agreement to have Big Blue install Broadband over Power Line (BPL) networks at electric cooperatives through out the eastern U.S.

The concept of broadband over power lines has widely been thought of as a dead end idea but with IBM’s backing it is now being resurrected.

Exploring the History of the Future with Google Earth
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Google has teamed up with Past Perfect Productions, UCLA, and the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia to bring Ancient Rome back to life with a new Google Earth layer.

Can Google Save Us From Pestilence?
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Google is sometimes called "evil" by its critics. Often this has to do with advertising or privacy concerns, but critics might want to consider the notion that Google’s efforts might potentially prevent the spread of plague and dare I even say the apocalypse. A bit of a stretch? Maybe, but watch this video from Google.org, and you will get a sense of where I’m going with this.

U.S. Military Launches TroopTube
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The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has launched a new video-sharing Web site called TroopTube that allows users to register as members of one of the branches of the military, family, civilian Defense Department employees or supporters.

TroopTube is closely monitored with all video submissions screened by Pentagon employees before they are added to the site to filter out anything that could pose a risk to national security or that could be in violation of copyright.

PubCon: Going Beyond Social Media Buzz
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Facebook this, Twitter that . . . you’ve heard the talk.  Social media is on everyone’s minds these days.  But a session at PubCon titled "Social Media: The Big Sexy Buzz" went a bit beyond the hype into the details of why social media’s important and how you can use it well.

Find Twitterer Locations on Twellow Maps

Our Twellow development team is cranking out the features lately. Just the other day, we announced the "Twellow Pulse" feature, which allows users to track what people are saying about categories of their choosing.

Internet Layoffs & Firings – Today’s Reports
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It feels like 2000 all over again with daily reports of layoffs and firings from Internet and tech companies. Fourtunately, these belt tightening measures this time seem to be aimed at preventing financial disaster rather than a precurser to massive business closures.

Here are today’s reports from around the web:

- Tucows cuts employees by roughly 15%. (MORE)

New Report Documents Insanely Long Tail Of Search
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When something seemingly insignificant is able to control a more powerful entity, talk of the tail wagging the dog occasionally comes into play.  But according to a new report from Hitwise, the long tail of search is capable of something more akin to launching the dog into orbit.

Nobody Killed the Blogosphere
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The Blogosphere’s different, that’s for sure. But dead? Wounded? A ghost town of aging hipsters, unmotivated slackers, and sellouts? Look, if the Blogosphere’s dead then so’s every college campus in America.

The PubCon Buzz: Day 1

WebProNews is in full force at Pubcon, this time not only covering the event, but presenting as well. Our own Mike McDonald spoke this morning at the session titled: Game On: Rocking Your Video Startup.

New Yahoo Homepage Moving Forward
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The launch of a handy dandy new Yahoo homepage may not be too far off now.  A member of the team responsible for its redesign has posted an update, and it sounds like all sorts of progress has been made.  Bucket testing is underway, too.

PubCon: Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic
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The PubCon session "Earning Big Bucks with Social Media Traffic" focused on ways that social media outlets can be monetized.

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digg Expands its Clothing Line
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How much do you love your favorite online community? Your favorite social network? Your favorite social bookmarking site? Enough to buy a $5 wallet bottle opener? A $10 beer glass? How about a $185 laptop messenger bag? 

digg is evidently pretty confident that its users will be interested in such digg-branded items. The bag, "1337 digg" shirts and boxer shorts are now available. I’m not sure how long the digg Shop has been around, but the "newly remodeled" version is up and running now.