Yahoo Reports Big Jump In Profits
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Although Yahoo’s last few months have been defined by its deal with Microsoft and a trimming of nonessential units, the company proved today that it has a little life in a yet.  Plenty of the stuff, really, as Yahoo’s third quarter earnings report beat analyst’s expectations. 

Symantec Warns Of Rogue Security Software
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Cybercriminals are increasingly using online scare tactics to persuade users to buy rogue security software, according to a new report from Symantec.

To convince users to install rogue software, cybercriminals place ads on websites that prey on users’ fears of security threats.  The ads generally include false claims such as "If this ad is flashing, your computer may be at risk or infected," instructing the user to follow a link to scan their computer or get software to remove the threat.

Google Search Appliance Gets New Algorithm
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Google has introduced some new features for the Google Search Appliance (GSA). There are about ten of them, but the one the company is really touting is one that allows the GSA to learn the habits of searchers and use that information to fine-tune its information retrieval process to increase relevancy.

NFL Players Get Official YouTube Channel

NFL Players, the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association, has launched an official YouTube channel. The organization represents over 1,800 active (and retired) NFL players.

WordPress Lets Bloggers Help Make the Mobile Web Better
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WordPress has launched a couple of new mobile themes for bloggers who use WordPress.com. The themes are designed to display automatically when the blogger’s blog is accessed with a compatible mobile device.

Making moves to get blogs to display properly on mobile devices is a good move considering recent research, which found that consumers are generally not pleased with the way mobile web sites display.

More People Plan To Shop Online During The Holidays
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 More people plan to shop online during the holiday season this year (55%) compared to last year (49%), according to a new survey by MarketLive and the E-Tailing Group.

More than a quarter (26%) of shoppers plan to buy more gifts online, up from 21 percent last year. Eighty-five percent of consumers report the main reason for shopping online is still time savings, but 40 and 38 percent of shoppers respectively also rate wish lists and reviews as increasingly important.

Baby Food Recall Shows Social Media Done Right
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Plum Organics, a company that makes baby food, has issued a voluntary recall of a "small portion" of its Apple & Carrot Baby Food in Portable Pouches. The reason is that a routine test determined the formulation was incorrect.

Google And Virgin America To Offer Free WiFi During The Holidays
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Virgin America has partnered with Google to offer free in-flight WiFi to all of its passengers during the holidays.

From November 10 to January 15, 2010, passengers on all Virgin America flights will be able to access email, shop online and visit social networks free of charge. In May Virgin became the first airline to offer Gogo Inflight Internet service on every flight.

Does Size Matter in Display Advertising?
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Eyeblaster released its Research Global Benchmark report for 2009, which provides an analysis of the performance of different types of display ads like banners and rich media ads. The research found that while clickthrough rates for standard banners improved with an increase in size, size did not factor into the performance of clicks on rich media ads.

"In rich media, size is only one component of banner visibility on the site," says Eyeblaster.

Internet OK for Some Courts (In Some Cases)

Update: According to FOX News, the Federal Court in Australia will leave it up to individual judges to decide if court cases can be covered live on Twitter.

Original Article: A California court is making jurors sign a declaration that they will not use the Internet to look up details about facts related to cases. This comes apparently at the request of a San Diego lawyer.

Majority Of Consumers Want To Interact With Brands Online
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The majority (78%) of new media users interact with brands via new media sites, an increase of 32 percent from 2008 (59%), according to a new report from communications firm Cone.

Twitter Passes Milestone With 5 Billionth Tweet

Recent reports may have raised questions about Twitter’s growth in terms of unique visitors, but the site is definitely still snowballing in one sense.  A Twitter URL and an independent service indicated that the five billionth tweet was transmitted last night.

Perhaps fittingly, the five billionth tweet didn’t come from Ev Williams or any Twitter employee.  No celebrity managed to attach his (or her) name to it, either.  Instead, self-described "bio writer and web generalist" Robin Sloan wrote the two words "Oh lord" at just the right time.

Facebook Groups Get Walls
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Facebook has changed the design of its Groups feature. Now Groups look similar profiles and Pages. They have a wall.

Google Gets Serious About Marketing Apps
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Update: Google has expanded the campaign to additional countries:  U.K., France, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

2nd Largest Search Engine Gets Real-Time Search
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Update: YouTube has officially announced the feature:

Consumers Not Happy with Mobile Web Sites
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Web app company Gomez, Inc. released the findings of a study on consumer mobile web experiences today, and found that most of them aren’t happy with the performance of mobile web sites in general.

Advertising Powerhouses Champion Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

It would seem that everybody who’s anybody in the advertising industry wants the Microsoft-Yahoo deal to go through.  Today, the president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, along with the heads of all four major ad holding companies, signed her name to a letter of support.

Google Launches New Display Ad Measurement Tool

Google has launched a new tool in the US and the UK to measure the impact of display ad campaigns across the Google Content Network. It’s called Campaign Insights.

Google says the tool can give reliable data about how a campaign has raised brand awareness or active user interest, in a particular product or service. It calculates the incremental lift in both online search activity and website visits resulting from a display ad campaign.

Consumers Can Now Get Billed Later for eBay Purchases
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eBay and PayPal announced today that they are now offering Bill Me Later as a payment option during checkout. This means that "qualified" customers in the U.S. can now buy items and pay for them over time without using a credit card.

The option will be available for Buy It Now and approved auction purchases on eBay. It is also available at "tens of thousands" of online stores that accept PayPal Express Checkout.

Comedy and Alcohol at BlogWorld

The closing keynote of the BlogWorld Expo this past weekend was set up like The Late Show. Guy Kawasaki came out and told some jokes in David Letterman fashion (complete with Late Show-like desk and chairs), then he introduced the audience to actor/comedian Kevin Pollak.

Owyang On “The Future Of Social Media And Business”
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Jeremiah Owyang worked as a senior analyst over social computing for Forrester Research for almost two years.  Now, he’s a partner at the Altimeter Group, which focuses on emerging technologies and has a large "Twitter Updates" section above the fold on its homepage.  So Owyang was a good choice to speak about social media and business at BlogWorld.

Google, Facebook and Twitter Address Net Neutrality

The Open Internet Coalition , which is a group of consumers, grassroots organizations, and businesses "promoting consumer choice and economic growth through an open Internet," has sent an open letter to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, supporting open Internet rules.

The coalition itself includes a large list of well-known web companies and sites. Companies with founders and CEOs signing the letter include:

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Social Media
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To some people, social media’s a shiny, happy, ball o’ fun.  Or at least an invaluable marketing tool.  There are dangers, however, and during a session at BlogWorld titled "Social Media: The Bad and the Ugly," four experts outlined six of them.

(Coverage of the BlogWorld conference continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

Jermaine Dupri, Anthony Edwards on New Media for Celebs
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The BlogWorld Expo out in Vegas, which wrapped up over the weekend, attracted some major star power. One session in particular included Anthony Edwards (whom you may remember from films like Revenge of the Nerds and Pet Sematary 2, as well as the television program ER), and Jermaine Dupri, the man who brought us groundbreaking hip hop acts Kris Kross and Da Brat.