Oracle Beats Out Microsoft/Walmart As TikTok’s US Partner

In a surprise move, Oracle has emerged as the frontrunner to be the US partner for TikTok.

WSJ: TikTok Sold To Oracle

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. operations of TikTok have been sold to Oracle pending a security review by the government of the United States. Earlier today Microsoft made a blog post saying their offer for TikTok had been rejected.

Trump Will Not Extend TikTok Ban Deadline

As the TikTok negotiations run into trouble, President Trump has indicated he has no intention of extending a ban deadline of September 15.

Trump Administration May Ban More Chinese Apps

The Trump administration is looking at banning additional Chinese apps as negotiations over TikTok have nearly ground to a halt.

China Threatens Apple Products If WeChat Is Banned

China has officially said the Chinese would have no reason to keep Apple products, including the iPhone, if WeChat is banned.

Box CEO: All Hands On Deck With Digital Transformation

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, discusses the company’s continued growth and progress in supporting customers with their push toward digital transformation.

Walmart Joining Microsoft in Effort to Purchase TikTok

Walmart is getting in on the TikTok action, joining Microsoft’s bid to purchase the beleaguered social media platform.

Banning TikTok Can Affect American Dominance, Says Former Google CEO

Essentially, every American tech firm has data that’s stored in the US that’s subject to US law that’s used by Europeans, for example, and they bristle at that. It sets in motion a whole bunch of things that can affect American dominance.

Senator Hawley Calls For Google to Ban TikTok Over Privacy

Senator Josh Hawley is calling on Google to ban TikTok following revelations the app sidestepped Android safety measures to track users.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Not Happy With TikTok Ban

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his concerns about an upcoming ban of social media app TikTok.