Trump Bans TikTok and WeChat, Effective September 15

President Trump has followed through on his promise, issuing a ban on TikTok, as well as WeChat, with both bans set to take effect in mid September.

Microsoft Moving to Purchase TikTok

Following a weekend of back-and-forth talks, Microsoft appears to be pursuing a deal to purchase TikTok.

Congressman Lynch Asks Apple and Google to Crack Down on Foreign Apps

Congressman Stephen Lynch, Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security, is calling on Apple and Google to provide more transparency regarding foreign apps.

Wells Fargo Bans TikTok From Company Phones

The hits keep on coming for TikTok as Well Fargo has instructed employees to delete the social media app from their phones.

Facebook Issue Took Down High-Profile iOS Apps

An issue with Facebook had far-reaching consequences, taking down some of the biggest names in iOS apps.

TikTok Pulling Out of Hong Kong

TikTok has announced plans to pull out of Hong Kong in the wake of a new national security law.

iOS 14 Outs Major Apps For Snooping On Users

iOS 14 has a number of significant privacy improvements, one of which has been a source of embarrassment for several high-profile apps.

TikTok Is Clearly the Pandemic Winner

TikTok is clearly the winner of this chapter, says social media marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk. You have a lot of families at home together and because TikTok won 13-22 (age group) those characters are spending more time with their parents and everyone’s looking for something to do. The biggest winners to me in social are TikTok and Pinterest. The biggest loser potentially is Snapchat but I think they’re stable.

TikTok Accused of Violating Child Privacy—Again

TikTok is in hot water yet again, with consumer groups accusing the social media company of violating child privacy.

TikTok Adds Family Pairing to Help Protect Children

TikTok has launched Family Pairing, a new feature designed to give parents more control over their children’s accounts.