Elon Musk Will Fund Mars Colonization By Selling His Possessions

Elon Musk knows the value of putting your money where your mouth is, as he plans to personally fund Mars colonization.

Scientists May Be Able to Create Oxygen on Mars

Scientists may have discovered a way to create oxygen on Mars, a crucial step toward long-term colonization.

SpaceX Wins $885 Million In Subsidies to Expand Starlink

Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, has won $885 million in federal subsidies to help it expand its Starlink internet service.

NASA Concerned About Planned Constellation of Broadband Satellites

NASA has expressed concerns over a planned constellation of broadband satellites from AST & Science.

Starlink Beta Already Delivering Over 150 Mbps Speeds

Starlink’s internet service beta is already exceeding expectations, as it delivers faster speeds than promised.

Microsoft Makes the Leap to Space With Azure Space

Microsoft is in second place in the Earth-based cloud market, but it looks to be positioning itself to be the premier cloud provider for space.

Microsoft Launches Azure Space – Partners With SpaceX, SES

Microsoft announced today that it is launching Azure Space to focus on the burgeoning space industry.

SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites – Bullseye Sea Landing

SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Sunday morning. To date, they’ve launched more than 750 Starlink satellites to orbit.

Elon Musk: We Must Become A Multi-Planet Species

Space pioneer Elon Musk says that becoming a multi-planet species is fundamentally important to ensuring the long-term survival of life as we know it.

Starlink Internet Will Enter Beta In Three of Months

Good news for internet users: Starlink’s satellite internet will enter private beta in roughly three months.