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Lots More People Still Use Myspace Than Google+
In what is probably a surprise to nobody who uses the Internet with any kind of regularity, Google was the most visited U.S. web brand in 2011. As rep...
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Nielsen And comScore Settle Patent Dispute
In March, Nielsen sued comScore, accusing the firm of infringing upon 5 patents related to measuring and displaying online content. Here’s a look at...
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Top TV Ads of 2011 According to Nielsen
Nielsen has released a few top ten lists for the top TV ads of the year. The top most-liked new ad was from Volkswagen, and its Passat ad featuring a ...
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Why Facebook Users Add And Delete Friends [Infographic]
NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey company, has put out the following infographic looking at why Facebook users add and remove friends. The top reason for ...
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Nielsen Study: Teen Mobile Data Usage Up Over 250%
Nielsen has released the results of a study into mobile phone usage by various age groups. While the study shows a rise in data usage across the board...
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YouTube Comes to Xbox
YouTube formally announced its Xbox 360 app today. With the app, users can check out trending videos, browse categories, and of course search for vide...
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The Most Popular Android Apps: Facebook Dominates Across Ages
Nielsen has released the results of a survey looking at the most popular apps on Android. The survey is broken up into three age segments: 18-24, 25-3...
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Modern Warfare 3: It’s What You Want For Christmas
It’s almost October, which means that everyone is already gearing up for the big holiday shopping season. One of the biggest elements to any hol...
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In a Month, Americans Collectively Spend a Century on Facebook
Nielsen has just released their Q3 2011 Social Media Report, and there are some incredibly interesting statistics included in the findings. On the who...
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40% of Mobile Users Use Smartphones, 40% of Them Use Android [US]
Nielsen released a new report today indicating that 40% of mobile users in the U.S. own smartphones and 40% of those are Android devices. That’s...
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Do Your Android Apps Get A Lot of Use?
It all depends on which Android apps we’re talking about, according to one of Nielsen’s latest studies. What they found, while focusing on...
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Netflix, Hulu Users Streaming Video in Vastly Different Ways
There is a fundamental distinction between Netflix users and Hulu users, and it goes far beyond who has more allegiance to 30 Rock. Netflix and Hulu u...
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Android, iPhone Data Use Is Exploding
It’s no secret that Americans love their smartphones. In fact, most of them would probably be lost in a sea of boredom and confusion if they wer...
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It’s Official: Streaming Video Consumers Watching Less TV
Until recently, Nielsen’s data suggested that the heaviest media consumers were the heaviest across every type of media – streaming, mobil...
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Drudge Report Sends More Traffic Than Facebook or Twitter to Some News Sites
Clearly, there’s a great deal to be said for news curation. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism is sharing some fas...
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The Royal Wedding Coverage Volume Highest in U.S.
“The kind of historic event that only happens once in a generation – the storybook marriage between an anachronistic fascination with the ...
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Android Assumes Smartphone OS Lead
One day after a well-met iPad 2 announcement, it's a solid bet that the iPhone 5 team at Apple just received orders to work a good deal harder.&nbs...
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YouTube Attracts 8.4 Billion Streams In January
 Online video usage in the U.S. is up significantly from the same time last year as time spent viewing video on a PC/Mac/laptops from home and...
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Android Named Leading OS Among Recent Acquirers
People who purchased smartphones in the past six months were more likely to buy an Android device than an Apple product by a ratio of about 1.5 to ...
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Nielsen Names YouTube Top Mobile Internet Video Channel
To mark the end of 2010, Nielsen published a document called "The Top Trends for 2010" this morning, and it's an interesting read, even i...
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