Linux Kernel 6.2 Is Out and Brings Apple M1 Support

Linux kernel 6.2 has been released, bringing support for the M1 processor, Apple’s Custom Silicon that powers its Mac computers.

Some M2 MacBook Pros Have Slower SSDs Than M1 MacBooks

The Apple world is in a bit of an uproar after it was discovered the new M2 MacBook Pro has slower SSDs than its predecessor.

Apple’s M1 Chip Has An Unpatchable Security Flaw

Researchers at MIT have discovered an unpatchable security flaw in Apple’s M1 chip, a flaw that’s reminiscent of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws.

Apple Unveils Its Latest Custom Silicon, the 5nm M2

Apple started WWDC 2022 with a bang, unveiling the M2, its latest custom silicon built on 5nm technology.

Samsung Wants a ‘Dream Team’ to Tackle Apple’s M1 in 2025

Samsung is taking steps to tackle Apple’s M1, reportedly assembling a “dream team” to surpass Apple’s silicon in 2025.

Asahi Linux Shows the M1’s Greatest Limitation May Be macOS

An alpha of Asahi Linux has been released for Apple’s M1, and the reviews are showing the potential it has, and the problems Apple has with macOS.

Dropbox (Finally) Brings Native M1 Mac Support

Dropbox has finally added native support for Apple’s M1 processor, months after botching its response and angering users.

Intel Continues to Play From Behind Against Apple’s M1

Intel has been ramping up its efforts to compete with the M1, but it’s still at least a year behind with little hope of catching up.

Three New Macs Expected in March

Apple seems on the verge of releasing three new Macs in March, according to the latest reports.

Apple’s Lead Silicon Designer Leaving For Intel

Apple is losing Jeff Wilcox, its lead silicon designer to rival Intel, eight years after he left Intel to join Apple.

Apple’s M3 Chip Nears Production

Apple may have just released the M1 Pro and Max, but reports indicate the company’s M3 is nearing production.

AWS Offering EC2 M1 Mac Instances

Just a year after introducing Mac EC2 instances, AWS is upping the ante by introducing M1 Mac instances.

Qualcomm’s Exclusive Deal to Produce Windows ARM Devices Ending

The market for ARM-based Windows PCs is about to become far more diversified, with an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm ending. Microsoft has been working to bring Windows to ARM devices, thanks in large part to Apple’s own move…

Dropbox Botches Response to M1 Macs, Says Native Version Coming

Dropbox stirred up a controversy of its own making, indicating it had no intention of supporting Apple’s M1 chips before finally clarifying that it did.

Apple Unveils M1 Pro & M1 Max Chips to Power New Professional Macs

Apple unveiled the next evolution of its M1 custom chip architecture, the M1 Pro and M1 Max, delivering up to six times the performance of the M1.

Apple Will Dominate Arm-Based Laptops in 2021, With 80% of Market

New research indicates Apple will dominate the Arm-based laptop market in 2021, capturing roughly 80% of the market.

AMD Ready to Manufacture Arm Chips

AMD is ready to manufacture Arm chips, despite it being a competing platform.

Asahi Linux Closing In On ‘A Polished Linux Experience’ On M1 Macs

Apple’s M1 Macs may not fully support Linux just yet, but that’s on the verge of changing. 

Google Working on Its Own M1 Rival for Chromebook

Google is reportedly following Apple’s lead, working on its own chip to power future Chromebooks.

Signal Adds Default Disappearing Messages

Messaging app Signal has added the ability to set disappearing messages as the default option.