AMD Ready to Manufacture Arm Chips

AMD is ready to manufacture Arm chips, despite it being a competing platform....
AMD Ready to Manufacture Arm Chips
Written by Matt Milano
  • AMD is ready to manufacture Arm chips, despite it being a competing platform.

    AMD, once firmly in second place behind Intel, has been making major headway in the semiconductor industry. Recent generations of its chips have surpassed Intel, both in performance and energy consumption.

    Arm, on the other hand, is the undisputed champion of the mobile world, powering smartphones and tablets for most of the major manufacturers. With Apple switching its Mac platform to its Arm-based M1 chips, the company is poised to make major inroads in Intel and AMD’s traditional stronghold. Unlike AMD or Intel, Arm creates semiconductor designs that other companies manufacture — and in some cases customize — for their own use.

    Despite being a competing platform, AMD appears ready to manufacture Arm-based semiconductors, should its customers want it.

    “But I’ll tell you from my standpoint, when you look at compute solutions, whether it’s x86 or ARM or even other areas, that is an area for our focus on investment for us,” AMD CFO Devinder Kumar said, according to Tom’s Hardware. “We know compute really well. Even ARM, as you referenced, we have a very good relationship with ARM. And we understand that our customers want to work with us with that particular product to deliver the solutions. We stand ready to go ahead and do that even though it’s not x86, although we believe x86 is a dominant strength in that area.”

    With TSMC recently announcing it was raising its prices by the biggest margin in a decade, AMD may well be able to build a successful business manufacture Arm designs for its customers.

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