AWS Offering EC2 M1 Mac Instances

Just a year after introducing Mac EC2 instances, AWS is upping the ante by introducing M1 Mac instances....
AWS Offering EC2 M1 Mac Instances
Written by Matt Milano
  • Just a year after introducing Mac EC2 instances, AWS is upping the ante by introducing M1 Mac instances.

    Apple’s M1 line is a custom system on a chip (SoC) processor based on the semiconductors that have powered the iPhone and iPad for years. Derived from ARM designs, the M1 has upended the computer industry, offering best-in-class battery life and energy efficiency, combined with performance that rivals the best Intel and AMD have to offer.

    The M1’s unique combination of performance and energy make it an ideal option for cloud computing applications where space and energy consumption are prime concerns.

    AWS’s Sébastien Stormacq says the M1 Mac instances already deliver significant performance/cost benefits.

    The availability (in preview) of EC2 M1 Mac instances lets you access machines built around the Apple-designed M1 System on Chip (SoC). If you are a Mac developer and re-architecting your apps to natively support Macs with Apple silicon, you may now build and test your apps and take advantage of all the benefits of AWS. Developers building for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV will also benefit from faster builds. EC2 M1 Mac instances deliver up to 60% better price performance over the x86-based EC2 Mac instances for iPhone and Mac app build workloads.

    Those interested in running the new M1 Mac instances will need to add a dedicated host to their account, since the instances are running on a bare metal server hosting a Mac mini. The on-demand cost is $0.6498 per hour, although customers can save up to 42% with a Savings Plan.

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