Elizabeth Holmes Ask for a New Trial

Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes is asking for a new trial based on a change of heart by a key witness for the prosecution.

Russia Plans to Leave the International Space Station After 2024

Russia appears to be planning to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024, possibly with a view to building its own.

Employees Tell Apple to ‘Get Out of Our Way’ Over Hybrid Work Plans

Apple employees are once again pushing back against the company’s hybrid work plans.

Amazon Reverses Course on Employee Cell Phones After Deadly Tornado

Amazon has reversed course on one of its long-standing policies, allowing warehouse employees to keep their cell phones after a deadly tornado.

iPhone Production Halted by Soaring COVID Cases in China

iPhone production has been halted at Foxconn factories in China as a result of soaring COVID cases.

Meta’s Head of PR Leaving the Company

John Pinette, Vice President of Global Communications at Meta (formerly Facebook), is leaving the company.

Tesla Recalls Almost 500,000 Cars Over Rear Camera and Front Trunk

Tesla has issued a recall for more than 475,000 vehicles for two separate issues involving the rear camera and front trunk.

UK May Sentence Execs to Jail Time for Their Platform’s ‘Crimes’

Regulators in the UK are taking the gloves off, considering legislation that would impose jail time for execs whose platforms are guilty of “crimes.”

Next iPhone SE Will Have 5G

The next generation iPhone SE will receive a major upgrade, becoming the latest iPhone to get the 5G treatment.

Europe Poised to Ban Police Use of Facial Recognition

Europe is once again establishing itself as a leader in privacy protection, preparing to ban the use of facial recognition by law enforcement.

ExpressVPN Linked to UAE Spy Ring, Company’s Integrity in Question

ExpressVPN may be one of the most popular VPN options available, but some are calling for users to abandon it as its integrity is now in question.

Blue Origin Losing Top Talent to Rivals

On the heels of losing out on a major NASA contract, Blue Origin is also losing some of its top talent to its rivals.

No, Firefox Hasn’t Dropped to 50 Million Users, Still Has 200 Million

Despite some losses, Firefox is still sitting at a relatively healthy 200 million users a year — not 50 million.

Major Websites Flooded With Hardcore Porn

Major websites, including The Washington Post, New York Magazineand the Huffington Posthave been flooded with hardcore porn.

Venmo to Allow Business Transaction on Personal Accounts

Venmo is making a major change to its terms of service, allowing business transactions on personal accounts for the first time.

PSA: Beware of FedEx Tracking Texting Scam

Gizmodo is warning of a new scam involving text messages posing as FedEx tracking notifications. Android and iOS users (including this writer) have received text messages including what purports to be a FedEx tracking number and a link to set…

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Corporate Retreat Video

In case you missed it, see Steve Jobs play FDR in a corporate retreat video for Apple employees in 1984. The Full 8 minute video can be seen HERE It is definitely worth a view. It reminds me of what…

If the iPhone/Gizmodo Incident Had Happened to Google

Brad Stone at the New York Times Bits Blog has an interesting article up in which he talks to Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google and co-founder of Android. While the article is mainly about Android, there’s a part toward the end that is humorous when Stone jokes with him that his press relations colleague wanted to confess that he had left a prototype Android phone at a local bar.