iMEGA Challenges U.S. Internet Gambling Law
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The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) a nonprofit corporation, has filed a brief with the US Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit, in the matter of iMEGA v. Keisler, et al.

AP Member Marketplace Growing Fast
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The AP has shown that it can, at least to some degree, keep up with the times.  Moreover, it can pick appropriate names.  The AP Member Marketplace has, you see, managed to attract over 500 newspapers.

Americans Favor Businesses With A Social Media Presence

More than half (60%) of Americans interact with companies on a social media Web site, and one in four interact more than once a week, according to a new study by Cone LLC on social media.

The majority (93%) of Americans believe a company should have a presence in social media, while 85 percent believe a company should not only have a social media presence but also interact with its customers via social media.

Aussie ISPs Deliver Baloney To Broadband Buffet

The executive heads of three Australian internet service providers have categorized Net Neutrality as a distinctly American problem. At the core of it, they say, is years of unlimited access. If that sounds vastly oversimplified, you’re absolutely right.

Motorola Adds To Android Development Team

The market’s been open for about 90 minutes, and the Dow’s down 265 points.  Corporations are likely to keep cutting jobs and staying away from everything risky.  But a new report indicates that Motorola’s quite confident in Google’s Android platform, as it’s putting around 350 people on an Android development team.

Facebook Picks Up High-Powered Attorney
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Facebook’s hired some impressive people before, luring key employees away from Google and other important companies.  Ted Ullyot stands out even in this crowd, though, as the man’s experience is in law, not tech, and he’s worked with and for people who are household names.

Google Getting More Friendly with the Government?
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Google has an office in Washington D.C., and now it is opening another one just a stone’s throw away in Reston, Virginia. Why? So the company can try to sell "cloud computing" to government agencies, according to the Washington Post.

New UK Group Aims To Protect Children Online

A new online watchdog group has been created in the UK to help protect children from harmful content on the Web such as bullying and pornography.

YouTube Video Causes Stir By Showing How Democrats Caused Crisis
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In another example of the power of the Internet to move public perception, a video that shows how the Democrats caused the current financial crises has nearly 850,000 views just hours after being linked to by The Drudge Report.

Updated (092908) to 850,000 views.

Paul Newman Dies, FamousDeadDB.com Covers It
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Legendary actor Paul Newman has died and within minutes of his passing was immortalized on the popular FamousDeadDB.com website. The Internet has clearly surpassed newspapers as the "printed" record of both famous and non-famous deaths.

Another Label Rejects MySpace Music

Koch Records has joined Merlin and A2IM in rejecting the deal offered independent labels by MySpace Music.

AdSense Exchange Rate Blunder
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It appears that Google has goofed and equated the American dollar with the value of the Indian Rupee when dealing with the AdSense accounts of some users. The correct exchange rate would be $1 US to 46.555 INR.

Muxtape Coming Back

Popular music site MuxTape was ordered to shut down by the RIAA back in August, but the site is coming back with a new concept, and that is to help bands get exposure. Ok, that was the goal the whole time, according to Founder, Justin Ouellette, but now it’s only going to be a service for bands.

No Apologies From National Retail Federation
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Yesterday, we covered three bills in Congress championed by the National Retail Federation that would require online marketplaces to keep extensive records on merchants and, on behalf of the government, secretly investigate those suspected of selling stolen goods. Trying to shore up support, a representative for the NRF compared online merchants to drug addicts who could help but steal to support their eBay habit.

Analyst: Yahoo Has No “Near-Term Upside”

Financial analysts tend to be polite writers, and it’s hard to find fault with this trait.  However, a new research note from Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal would have been funnier if Aggarwal had forgotten his good manners, as the two words "STAY AWAY!" seem to sum up his opinion of Yahoo.

Oops: WSJ.com Ad Calls McCain Win Before Debate
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This morning, before Senator John McCain even agreed to attend tonight’s debate, a Web ad paid for by the McCain campaign appeared alongside a Wall Street Journal article boldly declaring him the winner. The foreign policy debate with Barack Obama isn’t scheduled until 9 p.m. tonight.

Does Microsoft Have Walls After All?
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Microsoft is just not having much luck with the publicity of their latest $300 million ad campaign. I’m sure you are well aware of the Seinfeld fiasco. In case you’re not, Microsoft kicked off this huge campaign with a pair of long and drawn out ads featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Twitter Election Site Highlights New Media’s Relevancy
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Last night Twitter launched an Election site that features Tweets involving the presidential and vice presidential candidates rolling in almost faster than you can read them. In Twitter’s words, "We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts."

MySpace Music Goes Live

myspace music logoIncredible, I know, but for the third time in two days, MySpace does something newsworthy. Today, they topped them all, and they just might have revolutionized music online—little, if any, exaggeration.

Facebook Catching Up To MySpace

MySpace.com received 67.54 percent of the market share of U.S. visits in August 2008 among a custom category of 56 of the leading social networking websites according to Hitwise.

Study: Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices
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Psychology researchers have suggested fear of losing drives up auction prices, not more “rational” economic principles. So the next time you sense you’re overbidding on eBay, you probably are, not due to any theoretical “price the market will bear,” but instead due to some competitive wiring in your brain that says win at all costs.
Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices

Father of the Internet Talks About His Child’s Future
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Vint CerfVint Cerf, who is commonly known as the "father of the Internet", has posted an article on the Official Google Blog, as part of their series of experts predicting the future, such as Marissa Mayer did for search and

Ballmer Calls Search A Five-Year Task
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The latest Microsoft-related news has been more about Seinfeld, Vista, and Windows 7 than anything else.  Steve Ballmer recently made some public comments on another subject, though, and it turns out that the CEO remains as committed as ever to competing with Google in search.

Lee Newspapers Sees Jump In Readership And Online Use

Lee Enterprises, newspaper publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a number of smaller papers across the United States says the reach of its papers and online sites among young adults has grown from 54 to 64 percent over the last year.

The findings are from a comprehensive audience study by Wilkerson & Associates in Lee’s 10 largest markets. It measured the seven-day reach of newspapers and their online sites from January to June in 2007 and 2008.