View Velocity Is The Secret To Ranking On YouTube

“To determine rankings on their platform, YouTube uses a metric called the View Velocity,” says HubSpot SEO expert Braden Becker. “The View Velocity metric measures the number of subscribers who watch your video right after it’s been published. The higher your videos view velocity the higher your videos will rank.”

PrestonPlayz on How to Use Super Chats to Increase YouTube Revenue

Popular (7.5 million subs) YouTube live streamer PrestonPlayz recently explained the Super Chat feature to all those trying to make money on the YouTube platform. A Super Chat is, essentially, a comment that is going to be pinned and highlighted in your live stream chat.

Chris Brogan Says if Your YouTube Videos Are Boring… Emote!

One detail that I see repeated over and over and over again in your YouTube videos is that you forget that this medium requires you to amp everything up a little bit more than what’s probably your normal delivery.

The Nitty Gritty Tips On How To Get YouTube Views and Drive Business

If you can start doing it and start getting more comfortable with it, push your comfort zone and get in front of the camera, you are going to have a competitive advantage out there.

How to Harness the Combined Power of Search and Video to Increase Ad Conversions

One of the most powerful ways for a business to drive sales is via video reviews on YouTube. Earlier this year Google made that even more effective by combining the power of video on YouTube with Google Search.

How to Choose the Right Social Video Platform for Your Brand

The use of social video has become commonplace in brand promotion nowadays due to its proven ability to generate buzz, increase recall, and produce conversions. For instance, the Old Spice commercials are one of the most successful media ad campaigns…

Over 1 Billion YouTube Videos Now Have Captions

“I envision a future where everything will be captioned, so the more than 300 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing like me will be able to enjoy videos like everyone else,” said Liat Kaver, a YouTube Product…

Fired From Bakery Job, Alonzo Lerone Resets His Life as a Successful YouTube Creator

This is a story of inspiration for all of you wannabe YouTube creators who are afraid to follow your dreams. Alonzo Lerone was working in a bakery, posting some videos on YouTube, but not really believing that he could make…

YouTube Launches ‘Super Chat’ Paid Option

YouTube has launched ‘Super Chat’ as a way for fans of YouTube stars to make their comments stand out during live stream videos and more importantly as a new financial stream for video creators. Viewers of live streams can purchase…

Where to Watch the Presidential Inauguration on YouTube

“From conventions to debates to election day, millions of you came to YouTube over the past year to stay informed and engage in a conversation on the 2016 U.S. election,” noted Brandon Feldman, who is in charge of News &…