YouTube App Is Causing Some Apple TVs to Lock Up

Apple TV users are experiencing problems with YouTube TV, with the app causing some Apple TVs to lock up.

A Guide to YouTube Advertising

In order to be successful at YouTube advertising, you’ll need a good guide to get there. More in the article below.

YouTube Introduces Handles to Make It Easier to Find Creators & Channels

YouTube is making it easier to find channels and creators with unique handles that will identify them.

YouTube Makes a Play to Poach TikTok Creators

YouTube is ponying up cash in an effort to convince TikTok creators to jump ship to its platform.

Some YouTube Users Seeing 10 Ads Before a Video

YouTube is stretching the limits of its users’ patience, testing up to 10 ads before a video.

Don’t Waste Time on YouTube’s Dislike Button; It Doesn’t Work

YouTube users smashing the “Dislike” button are likely wasting their time, according to new research from Mozilla.

YouTube’s ‘Creator Music’ Will Let Creators Monetize Videos Containing Licensed Music

YouTube is eliminating a major pain point for content creators, paving the way for them to be able to monetize videos containing licensed music.

YouTube and TikTok Are Blowing Facebook Away in Teen Usage

Facebook has a major problem in its attempts to appeal to teens, with the platform being blown away by both YouTube and TikTok.

Who Needs Financial Advisors? Gen Z Prefers TikTok and YouTube

According to a new report, Gen Z prefers to get financial advice from TikTok and YouTube rather than traditional financial advisors.

YouTube Finally Expands Picture-in-Picture on iOS

YouTube has finally expanded a widely requested feature on iPhones and iPads: Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

Popular App YouTube Vanced Shuts Down

Popular app YouTube Vanced has shut down, possible the result of legal intervention by Google.

YouTube Offering Top Podcasters $50K to Make the Jump to Video

YouTube is working to entice its top podcasters to make the jump to video, offering $50,000 to sweeten the deal.

Roku and Google Settle YouTube TV Spat, Agree to Multi-Year Deal

Roku and Google have settled their spat over YouTube TV, agreeing to a multi-year deal that will keep YouTube TV on the platform.

Patreon Building Video Product to Help Creators Break Free of YouTube

Patreon is working on a video platform to help creators break free of their reliance on YouTube, a move that could have a major impact on the market.

YouTube Nixing the Dislike Count

YouTube is removing the visible dislike count in an effort to combat harassment of content creators.

YouTube CEO Promotes Free Speech After Removing Russian App

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki promoted the company’s support of free speech in Russia — after the company removed a free speech app in Russia.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Passes 50 Million Subscribers

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have crossed the 50 million subscriber market, just a few years after Google unveiled YouTube subscriptions.

YouTube Paid Creators $30 Billion Over the Last Three Years

YouTube has provided insight into the state of its content platform, including some impressive figures regarding its revenue and payouts to creators.

Google Makes Slew of Changes to Protect Minors

Google has announced a slew of changes to its platform in an effort to afford more protections to those under 18.

Android 2.3.7 and Older Versions in the Cold

Google is cutting off Android 2.3.7 and older from logging in, leaving the aging versions of the mobile OS in the cold.