Democrats Created Fake Russian Twitter Bots to Influence Election

The New York Times reported that Democrats created fake Russian Twitter bots in a disinformation campaign, also known as fake news, in order to influence voters to influence the Senate election in Alabama.

Twitter CFO on How Their Strategy of Increasing ROI for Advertisers is Paying Off

Twitter CFO Ned Segal says that Twitter’s work over the last couple of years designed to improve advertiser ROI and success on the platform is starting to resonate with advertisers.

Henry Blodget Says that Thinking Twitter was the next Facebook was Absurd

“But I do think that the big problem with Twitter was expectations just got absurdly out of whack a few years ago,” Blodget said. “People thought, oh, it’s the next Facebook. It was always actually this niche product.”

Intelligence Expert: How Twitter and Facebook Are Being Co-Opted by Governments for Control

Sophisticated automated bots are being increasingly used on Twitter and Facebook by foreign governments as a method to silence dissent and to target journalist, according to Sam Wooley, Digital Intelligence Lab director.

Twitter Ad Chief: We’ve Never Been More Clear About What is Our Superpower

Twitter ad chief Matt Derella is at Advertising Week in New York City spreading the message that Twitter video advertising is the best platform to reach valuable audiences when they are most receptive.

Twitter Enlists Academic Researchers to Reduce Offensive Tweets

Twitter recently announced that it will enlist academic research groups to help in its project on conversation health. The researchers will study the behavior of Twitter users to find ways to assess how healthy the discussions are and help rid the…

Twitter Gets Rid of 70 Million Fake Accounts in May and June, Cracks Down on Trolls

Twitter has been aggressively suspending false accounts in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news. The company’s massive crackdown on trolls and bots have resulted in one million dubious accounts being deleted or suspended per day. According to…

Twitter’s New Ads Transparency Center Reveals Who Buys Ads on Its Platform

With the midterm elections coming up, Twitter users will have to brace themselves for a barrage of ads. But this time around, they’ll also be getting information on who paid for those ads and why they received said advertisement. Twitter…

Twitter Tackles Harassment by Tweaking Its Algorithm, Hides Mean Tweets

In its latest effort to rein in trolling on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter has announced a new approach to hiding mean tweets by tweaking its algorithm. This move is part of the company’s ongoing attempt at addressing rampant harassment and abuse…

Twitter Tests Feature that Puts Breaking News at the Top of User Timelines

The latest news always breaks on Twitter faster than on any other social media platform. Now the company is working to solidify that edge by testing a breaking news feature that will deliver the hottest and most relevant stories straight…