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Tag: Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom’s $5 Million “Bounty” On US Government
Do you have proof that the United States government acted in a corrupt or illegal manner during the shutdown of Megaupload? If so, that information co...
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Kim Dotcom Offers $5 Million Bounty for Information
In January 2012, New Zealand police arrested internet icon Kim Dotcom due to claims from the United States that Dotcom had used his website to host pi...
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Dotcom Raid Warrants Legal, Rules Appeals Court
The Court of Appeal of New Zealand this week ruled that the warrants executed by police in the January 2012 raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion were le...
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Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal In Extradition Battle
With all the excitement over the launch of Mega, it’s easy to forget that Kim Dotcom is still facing extradition to the U.S. To fight this, Dotc...
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Mega Gets 3 Million Users In A Month, Mobile App Coming Soon
Kim Dotcom’s Mega launched last month with a ridiculous launch party that included a fake FBI raid on Dotcom’s mansion. After the launch, ...
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Vikram Kumar Is The New CEO Of Mega
With all the theatrics surrounding the life of Kim Dotcom and the launch of Mega, it’s easy to forget that the startup is a legitimate file shar...
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Kim Dotcom Offers Cash Reward To Anyone Who Breaks Mega’s Security
Mega has been under a lot of scrutiny since it launched over a week ago, and not just from the copyright lobby. The Internet security community has be...
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Grab Some Popcorn And Watch The Hour Long Mega Launch Party
As you all know by now, Kim Dotcom’s Mega launched over the weekend to much fanfare. The new file-sharing site is already in the top 150 most vi...
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Watch Kim Dotcom’s Speech At The Mega Launch
You’ve probably heard a lot about the Mega launch over the weekend by now. The file sharing service hit 1 million users within a day, and is now...
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Anonymous Blames Kim Dotcom For The Closure Of NinjaVideo
Members of Anonymous have been huge supporters of Kim Dotcom since the feds took down Megaupload in early 2012. The collective even engaged one of its...
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Kim Dotcom Says Mega Is Already Catching Up To Dropbox
Mega launched over the weekend to much fanfare. The new file sharing site from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom already reached over 1 million users with...
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Mega Already Has Over 1 Million Users, Dotcom Teases Future Projects
On Sunday, Kim Dotcom’s finally launched after a year of preparation and rebuilding since the original Megaupload was shut down in ea...
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Kim Dotcom Says Mega Is Pants For The Internet
The new Mega is almost upon us. The site is expected to go up on the one year anniversary of Megaupload being taken down. Dotcom has shared plenty of ...
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Kim Dotcom Gets The OK To Sue New Zealand’s Spy Agency
If anything, you have to agree that Kim Dotcom is tenacious. He’s fought every challenge that has come his way since having his Web site and liv...
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President Obama And New Zealand PM John Key Discuss Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom is currently fighting in New Zealand and US courts to have the charges against Megaupload and himself dropped. It’s not exactly getti...
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Kim Dotcom Moves Megaupload Reboot To .NZ Domain
Kim Dotcom has some lofty goals for Mega, the reboot of Megaupload. To accomplish these goals, he had to move to a domain that couldn’t be easil...
Read More Domain Suspended By Gabon’s Communication Minister
Megaupload is coming back soon, or at least, that’s the plan. The Megaupload founder revealed to Wired in October that the reboot of his popular...
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Kim Dotcom Drops More Details On The New Mega
We’ve known that Megaupload was coming back in some form or another for a while now, but it wasn’t until mid-October that Kim Dotcom pulle...
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Kim Dotcom Shares Details On Mega, The Megaupload Successor
For the past few months, Kim Dotcom has been teasing the return of Megaupload. It appears, however, that Megaupload will not be returning. Instead, Do...
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Kim Dotcom Reveals That Megabox Is Launching Soon
Kim Dotcom is bringing Megaupload back later this year. He has another far more interesting project launching later this year that he was working on b...
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