Kim Dotcom Gets The OK To Sue New Zealand's Spy Agency

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If anything, you have to agree that Kim Dotcom is tenacious. He's fought every challenge that has come his way since having his Web site and livelihood seized by feds in January. Now he's just received clearance to launch a lawsuit that could have some very heavy implications.

Back in September, it was revealed that Dotcom was subject to illegal surveillance at the hands of New Zealand's GCSB - the country's equivalent of the CIA. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at the time said he was not aware of the spy agency's actions and would open a full investigation into the issue.

Fast forward to now where the courts have given Dotcom the OK to file a lawsuit against the GCSB. The interesting part is that the High Court has ordered the spy agency to reveal the details of its electronic spying setup in court. The order also requires the spy agency to reveal which nations it handed the info over to. It could very well reveal that the GCSB was handing over Dotcom's information to US authorities before the raid on his mansion in January that was conducted by the local police and the FBI.

Obviously, the government opposes the court order on the grounds that info from GCSB being made public could pose a national security risk. The judge in the case will hand the information to a third party who will verify which information is relevant to the case.

Like always, Kim Dotcom has something to say, and he says it via Twitter. This time, he seems pretty confident that he'll beat the spy agency in court with unnamed evidence that he's gathered.

Aside from suing New Zealand's spy agency, Dotcom will also be launching the new Mega in January on the anniversary of the police raid that took Megaupload down. The new domain hit a few snags at first, but now it's ready to go.

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