Kim Dotcom Moves Megaupload Reboot To .NZ Domain

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Kim Dotcom has some lofty goals for Mega, the reboot of Megaupload. To accomplish these goals, he had to move to a domain that couldn't be easily suspended by the US government. Turns out his first move to, a domain under the jurisdiction of Gabon, was suspended by the Gabonese government. Now he's trying his luck back home.

Dotcom announced a few hours ago via Twitter that the new Mega will be launching on his home country's domain at

The site looks exactly the same as it did on Dotcom is still looking for investors, hosting partners and Mega API partners. He is also still hoping to launch the site on January 19, the one-year anniversary of the raid on his home that led to his arrest and the shutdown of Megaupload and related services like Megavideo.

Now it's time to play the waiting game, and see if the New Zealand government cracks down on the domain. Dotcom blamed Gabon's swift suspension of the domain on interference from Vivendi and the US government. He's also been adamant that certain players within New Zealand's government have thrown him to the dogs, but the courts have largely been on his side. Any attempt to suspend the domain will most likely result in legal proceedings that Dotcom is likely to win based on precedent.

In other news, Dotcom is apparently disappointed in the latest Call of Duty - Black Ops 2. His opinion should hold more weight than most as he was at one time the number one ranked player in the world in Modern Warfare 3.

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