Domain Suspended By Gabon's Communication Minister

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Megaupload is coming back soon, or at least, that's the plan. The Megaupload founder revealed to Wired in October that the reboot of his popular file sharing site would be called to avoid any interference from the US government. Dotcom may have overlooked interference from any entirely different party though - the government of Gabon.

The .ga domain is registered to the small African country of Gabon. Blaise Louembe, Gabon's Communication Minister, said on Tuesday that his country will be suspending the domain. He said that the country "cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people."

What does Dotcom have to say about it? He believes the domain suspension is a preemptive move from the US government and Vivendi to keep him down.

Dotcom mentioned that he had an alternate domain set up, but he hasn't said what it will be just yet. He's also said on Twitter that he's going to lay low for a while. Dotcom has been receiving a lot of publicity recently - good and bad. He's said on Twitter that he appreciates the followers, but he just wants to focus on raising his kids and creating "cool stuff," including music videos.

Dotcom is now a public figure, whether he likes it or not. The ongoing legal battles in the US and New Zealand will be of great interest going into next year. The decision on both the criminal trial for Megaupload and the extradition trial for Dotcom could have far reaching effects on international law. We'll be sure to bring you all the details as they occur.