Watch Kim Dotcom's Speech At The Mega Launch

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You've probably heard a lot about the Mega launch over the weekend by now. The file sharing service hit 1 million users within a day, and is now quickly catching up to established file sharing service, Dropbox. What you may not have heard is the speech Kim Dotcom gave at the launch event. Well, now you can watch the speech in its entirety courtesy of Dotcom himself.

Dotcom's YouTube channel was updated today with a recording of his speech at the public of Mega. Like everything Dotcom does, the event was the epitome of extravagance and indulgence. There was even a fake FBI raid that poked fun at the very real raid that was carried out by New Zealand police a little over a year ago at his mansion.

Besides a few jokes in bad taste, the speech mostly dealt with the politics surrounding Internet freedom. His hope is that Mega will start a dialog on copyright reform. He also issues a stern warning to those "who use copyright law as a weapon to drown innovation and stifle competition" by saying that they will "be left on the side of the road of history."

The speech will definitely please Internet freedom fighters, but Anonymous may not be so welcome to his words. The hacker collective has labeled Dotcom a "snitch" and says his working with the authorities in 2010 is what led to the arrest and conviction of the founders of NinjaVideo.