Kim Dotcom Reveals That Megabox Is Launching Soon

Kim Dotcom is bringing Megaupload back later this year. He has another far more interesting project launching later this year that he was working on before the police raid. It’s called Megabox, and Dotcom thinks it can change the music industry for the better.

Dotcom released a short video today that shows some behind the scenes footage that goes into the making of Megabox. It’s short on details, but the imagery tells us a lot about what users and musicians can come to expect from the service.

In a previous report, Dotcom described Megabox as a service that will allow artists to sell their music directly to the consumer. Those artists will also be able to keep 90 percent of the profits. All of that seems to be intact according to the video.

Even more interesting, it seems that Dotcom has been able to line up some great talent for Megabox. It could have been a placeholder, but acts like LMFAO would help Megabox reach more mainstream popularity faster. It would also attract those who don’t buy music over the fact that the money goes to the labels instead of the artists.

Of course, there are other platforms like Bandcamp and Beatport that allows artists to sell their music directly to consumers. They have the brand recognition and familiarity that Megabox has yet to achieve. Once it launches, it will be interesting to see how Dotcom advertises the service to those who get their music through services like iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

With the launch of Megabox and the new Megaupload happening later this year, Dotcom is in a mighty fine position. It now all depends on whether or not he can get the charges against him dropped.

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