Kim Dotcom Says Mega Is Pants For The Internet

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The new Mega is almost upon us. The site is expected to go up on the one year anniversary of Megaupload being taken down. Dotcom has shared plenty of details on the site thus far, but now he's advertising the brand's rebirth in radio ads.

For the past few weeks, Dotcom has been teasing more information about the new Mega on Twitter. The latest is a release of the five radio ads that will be going across the airwaves shortly. He's shared the first one with us, and it's a little strange. In the ad, it's said that Mega is pants for the Internet:

Mega radio spot 15 seconds - Nick 15 by KimDotcom

The pants metaphor may have lost you, but it's rather simple really. The ad is referring to is the new privacy and encryption controls built into the new Mega. He claims that everybody will be anonymous when sharing content on the service unlike the original Megaupload. It will also be decentralized and spread across servers around the world so that no one place may be targeted.

The other ad says that Mega protects your data much like closing the bathroom door protects your privacy while taking "a poo poo. Their words - not mine.

Mega radio spot 15 seconds - Kimberly by KimDotcom

As for other teases, Dotcom has been slowly revealing some of the software and hardware behind the new Mega. Over the weekend, we got our first look at the UI, and it's looking really nice.

There will probably be a few more teases as we approach the launch of the new Mega. For his part, Dotcom will continue counting down the days until "the US government fails and Innovation wins."

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