Grab Some Popcorn And Watch The Hour Long Mega Launch Party

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As you all know by now, Kim Dotcom's Mega launched over the weekend to much fanfare. The new file-sharing site is already in the top 150 most visited sites on the Internet, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Dotcom has already shared the speech he gave at the launch of Mega, but we didn't get to see the full spectacle. Now you have the opportunity to see what all the hubbub was about as Dotcom launched his latest product.

The video clocks in at an hour and 14 minutes long. You might want to grab a snack:

Despite hosting a massive launch event, Mega has not been without its stumbles over its first few days. The service was a little unreliable at first, and then reports started coming out that Mega's encryption wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. The launch problems have been fixed already, but Dotcom is now engaging critics of the site's encryption. He will even be offering a cash reward soon for those who can break it.

Perhaps the strangest thing to come out of the launch, however, was the above video being taken down from YouTube as a result of a DMCA complaint from GEMA. Dotcom claims all the songs in the video are of his own creation. The video is back up, but Dotcom says GEMA will be hearing from his lawyers.

It's pretty obvious that Dotcom and Mega will continue to run into situations like this as the file-sharing service becomes more popular. In fact, it shouldn't be too long before we start hearing some noise from the same media industry that's been gloating about the shut down of Megaupload.