Kim Dotcom Offers Cash Reward To Anyone Who Breaks Mega's Security

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Mega has been under a lot of scrutiny since it launched over a week ago, and not just from the copyright lobby. The Internet security community has been claiming that Mega isn't as secure as Kim Dotcom claims. Now Dotcom is offering a cash reward to anybody that can prove it.

In a tweet, Dotcom offered a €10,000 ($13,500) reward to anybody that can crack Mega's security:

In a previous blog post, Dotcom addressed some of the initial concerns the security community had with Mega. One of the major concerns was that users could not change their password, which is required to decrypt your files. To allay that concern, Mega now lets you change your password. Users can also reset their password under the following scenarios:

  • You are still logged in
  • You are not logged in, but your account is empty (password resets with data present are considerably more tricky — we do not want a breach of your e-mail account to jeopardize the integrity of your files — and will be addressed at a later stage)
  • The change doesn't address all of the concerns, but it's a good start. For the other concerns, security researchers will have to break Mega's encryption and prove that it needs work. From there, Dotcom and his team of developers will hopefully fix any problems found.

    [h/t: The Next Web]