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Apple’s $500 Million ‘Batterygate’ Settlement Clears Final Hurdle
Apple's $500 million settlement agreement stemming from it throttling iPhones has cleared its final hurdle, and the company will begin sending out pay...
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Apple May Skip Folding Phones and Go Straight to Rollables
A new patent filing suggests Apple may be preparing to get in on the next big evolution of smartphone design: rollables....
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Google Hilariously Trolls the iPhone In a Series of YouTube Videos
Google is taking some good-natured aim at the iPhone in a series of YouTube videos comparing Google's Pixel/Android with Apple's iPhone/iOS....
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Apple Maps Finally Brings Offline Mode
Apple announced a slew of new features for iOS 17 at WWDC, and offline support in Apple Maps is one of the big ones....
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WhatsApp Multi-Phone Mode Rolling Out to iPhones
WhatsApp's biggest feature in recent years is now rolling out to iPhones after initially debuting on Android....
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Apple Takes Page From Google, iPhone to Double As Smart Display
Apple appears to be taking a page from Google's playbook, with plans to allow iPhones running iOS 17 to act as smart displays while locked....
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The Number of Android to iPhone Switchers Is on the Rise Again
Android has an issue retaining users, with the number of users switching to the iPhone growing in recent years....
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France Investigating Apple’s Alleged iPhone ‘Planned Obsolescence’
France is investing alleged "planned obsolescence" on the part of Apple, which has long faced accusations of intentionally crippling older iPhones....
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Dubious Rumor Says iOS 17 Will Gain Apple Map Lock Screen Functionality
A dubious rumor claims that Apple's upcoming iOS 17 will feature lock screen functionality for Apple Maps....
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The iPhone 14 Leads to Biggest Drop in Customer Satisfaction in a Decade
New research shows that satisfaction with Apple's iPhone peaked with the iPhone 13, with the iPhone 14 experiencing a major drop....
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PSA: Update Your Apple Devices to Avoid Active Vulnerabilities
Just days after releasing iOS 16.4, in which dozens of security issues were fixed, Apple has released another update to fix serious vulnerabilities....
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Apple’s iPhone Is the Undisputed King of Smartphones With Teens
Apple's iPhone remains the most popular choice among teens by a wide margin, dealing a major setback to Android....
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Wedbush Raises Apple Target to $205
Wedbush raised its Apple stock price target $190 to $205 on strong iPhone demand and maintained its "Outperform" rating....
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PSA: Update Your iPhone and iPad Now
Apple has released iOS and iPadOS 16.4, containing a slew of security fixes, including at least one addressing a zero-day vulnerability....
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iPhone Under-Display Face ID Postponed
Users looking forward to a notch-less iPhone are in for a disappointment, with the feature postponed till 2025....
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Qualcomm CEO: Apple Will Use Their Own Modems in 2024
Qualcomm isn't holding out any hope of continuing as Apple's primary modem supplier and is expecting to lose that business in 2024....
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iOS 16.4 May Unlock 3Gbps 5G Speeds
Apple's iOS 16.4 may bring a nice surprise for iPhone users, potentially unlocking 3Gbps 5G speeds....
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Poor iPhone Battery Life? You’re Not Alone & iOS 16 Is to Blame
There appears to be an issue with the latest versions of iOS 16, with users reporting significantly less iPhone battery life....
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Apple May Switch to In-House Displays for Its Devices
Apple appears to be expanding its goal of bringing device components in-house, with reports it plans to use its own displays in devices....
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Apple Plans to Drop Broadcom & Qualcomm With In-House Chips
Apple is continuing with its goal to bring its modems in-house, reportedly planning to replace both Broadcom and Qualcomm....
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