Apple May Switch to In-House Displays for Its Devices

Apple appears to be expanding its goal of bringing device components in-house, with reports it plans to use its own displays in devices.

Apple Plans to Drop Broadcom & Qualcomm With In-House Chips

Apple is continuing with its goal to bring its modems in-house, reportedly planning to replace both Broadcom and Qualcomm.

Apple Increasing Battery Replacement Cost for Most iPhones

The majority of Apple iPhone users will have to pay significantly more for battery replacements on iPhone 13 and older models.

Foxconn Issues Accelerate Apple’s Plans to Diversify iPhone Production

Apple is stepping up its plans to diversify its iPhone production, moving more manufacturing out of China.

Apple’s Change to AirDrop Is Hurting Chinese Protests

China is experiencing some of its most widespread protests in years, but protesters do not have access to a tool they have come to rely on.

Workers at the Main iPhone Factory Engage in Violent Protests

iPhone shipments are set to take another hit as workers at supplier Foxconn’s main factory engage in violent protests.

Elon Musk’s Next Business Could Be An iPhone Competitor

Elon Musk is already eyeing his next business, threatening to make an iPhone and Android competitor if Twitter is removed from app stores.

COVID Lockdowns in China Impacting iPhone 14 Shipments

Apple is warning that new COVID restrictions and lockdowns in China will have a negative impact on iPhone 14 shipments.

Pegatron Assembling the iPhone 14 in India

Apple is ramping up its iPhone manufacturing in India, with Taiwanese firm Pegatron now assembling the devices in-country.

Foxconn’s ‘iPhone City’ Area Locked Down Over COVID

The area around Foxconn’s “iPhone City” plant has been locked down as a result of an increase in COVID cases.

Apple’s iOS 16 Bypasses VPNs and Communicates With Apple

On the heels of news that Android bypasses VPNs and leaks data, developers have discovered that iOS 16 does even worse.

EU Formally Adopts USB-C for Phones, Tablets, and Other Devices

The European Parliament has finalized the adoption of USB-C for charging small and mid-sized devices, including Apple’s iPhone.

Apple Poised to Move a Quarter of iPhone Production to India

Apple is preparing to move a significant portion of its iPhone manufacturing to India as it tries to lessen its reliance on China.

Get Ready for More Ads on Your iPhone and Mac

In a move that is sure to upset users, Apple may be preparing to bring far more ads to its iPhone and Mac platforms.

PSA: Update Your Apple Devices Immediately

Apple has released patches to fix a major zero-day exploit impacting iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, an exploit that may already be in use.

Colombia Bans 5G iPhones

Apple has been dealt a major blow in Columbia as the country bans the sale of 5G iPhones.

YouTube TV Now Supports Picture-in-Picture on iOS 15

YouTube TV has finally brought Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support to iOS 15 devices, making it one of the last major streaming apps to do so.

iOS Now Supports Face ID With Masks

The latest version of iOS, version 15.4, finally brings support for Face ID with masks.

iPhone Production Halted by Soaring COVID Cases in China

iPhone production has been halted at Foxconn factories in China as a result of soaring COVID cases.

Samsung’s Exynos Chip Lags Hopelessly Behind Apple’s A-Series

Samsung’s Exynos chip was lauded as one of the best chances for the Android world to challenge Apple’s performance on smartphones…but that hasn’t happened.