iOS 16 On Target, iPadOS 16 Will Be a Month Late

A new report suggests Apple will delay iPadOS 16 by a month, although iOS 16 should ship on time.

YouTube Finally Expands Picture-in-Picture on iOS

YouTube has finally expanded a widely requested feature on iPhones and iPads: Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

Tim Cook: ‘We’re Not Against Digital Advertising’

Tim Cook has set the record straight that Apple is not against digital advertising, it simply wants to give consumers more control.

Open Web Advocacy Is Taking On #AppleBrowserBan

A new organization is trying to challenge Apple, calling for the company to allow third-party browser engines on iOS.

Google Abandoned the Pixel 3 For No Good Reason

Some users are not happy with Google’s decision to stop supporting the Pixel 3, and there appears to be no technical reason for the decision.

Apple Users Should Update Their Devices Immediately

Apple has released updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS that fix a major vulnerability in Safari.

Twitter Communities Comes to Android

Twitter has brought its Communities to Android, after first rolling out the feature to iOS in September 2021.

T-Mobile Blocking iOS Private Relay

T-Mobile may bill itself the “Un-carrier” that puts customers’ needs first, but its latest move is a little more “Big Brother” as it begins blocking iOS Private Relay.

Yes, the Blackberry 5G Phone Is Still Coming

Despite delays, a 5G Blackberry phone is still in development, complete with the iconic physical keyboard.

Samsung S22 May Offer Google’s New Fuchsia OS

Samsung’s S22 line may be the first mainstream smartphone and tablet devices powered by Google’s new Fuchsia operating systems (OS).

iOS/iPadOS 15.2 Released With Major Privacy and Security Fixes

Apple has just dropped iOS and iPadOS 15.2, and it includes 38 privacy and security improvements, and should be a top priority for all users.

Judge Denies Apple a Stay on App Store Changes Pending Appeal

The judge in Apple’s case versus Epic has denied the company a stay on implementing court-ordered App Store changes until appeals are exhausted.

Netflix Games Comes to iOS

Netflix has brought its Netflix Games service to iOS, including both iPhones and iPads, as the company expands its offerings.

Google’s iOS Apps Will Start Using Apple’s UI Elements

Google’s iOS apps will stop using the company’s Material Design interface elements, in favor of iOS’ native UIKit.

Google SVP Wants to Help Apple Support RCS Messaging

Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has extended an open invitation to help Apple embrace RCS messaging.

Google Maps Now Features Eco-Friendly Routing

Google Maps has introduced a new feature, eco-friendly routing, to help individuals be a little greener in their travels.

Google Working to Bring Android Closer to Linux Kernel

Google is working to bring Android closer to the Linux kernel in a move that could significantly speed up development time.

PSA: Update to iOS 14.8 Immediately

Apple has released iOS 14.8, just days before the anticipated release of iOS 15, and the update fixes two serious security issues.

Apple Delays CSAM Scanning Amid Backlash

s plans to implement CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) scanning amid backlash from all sides.

AccuWeather Alerts Coming Exclusively to T-Mobile Customers

AccuWeather has announced a new severe weather alert notification system exclusively for T-Mobile customers.