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AT&T Exploring Ads On Your Cell Phone For a Price Discount
In case anyone thought they didn’t see enough ads, AT&T wants to put ads on your phone in exchange for a whopping $5 off your bill....
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Taboola – Outbrain Merger Falls Apart
The world's two leading companies in the discovery & native advertising industry will remain fierce competitors in what still is a chaotic and unpredi...
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ViacomCBS Sells CNET for $500 Million
ViacomCBS has sold legendary tech news site CNET to South Carolina based Red Ventures LLC. The company announced today that it has entered into a defi...
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Apple Delaying Controversial Anti-Tracking Features
Apple has announced it is delaying a major privacy feature in iOS until early next year, amid an ongoing outcry on the part of advertisers....
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Walmart Joining Microsoft in Effort to Purchase TikTok
Walmart is getting in on the TikTok action, joining Microsoft’s bid to purchase the beleaguered social media platform....
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NAD Supports Some T-Mobile 5G Claims, Disputes Others
The National Advertising Division (NAD), a division of BBB National Programs, has sided with T-Mobile on some of its advertising claims, while dis...
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Everything You Do is The Brand, Says ShipMonk CEO
Everything you do in the company drives you toward the vision and the mission of the brand and the company itself, says Jan Bednar, Founder & CEO of S...
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Twitter May Be Looking At Subscriptions to Boost Revenue
Twitter may be looking at subscription options in an effort to boost revenue and offset sluggish ad sales....
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BBB Checks Verizon On Misleading 5G Claims
The BBB’s National Advertising Division (NAD) has called Verizon out for ads that make misleading claims about its 5G coverage and speed....
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High-Profile Companies Join Facebook Advertising Boycott
Multiple high-profile companies have joined the ranks of those boycotting Facebook advertising over racist and violent content....
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T-Mobile Extends T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint Customers
T-Mobile took another step toward welcoming Sprint customers to the magenta family by giving them access to T-Mobile Tuesdays deals....
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Twitter Testing Voice Tweets on iOS
Recognizing that text doesn’t always convey the nuances someone may be feeling, Twitter is testing voice tweets....
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Facebook Will Allow Users to Hide Political Ads
Facebook has made a major change to how it handles political ads, giving users the ability to hide them for the first time ever....
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AT&T Will Drop Misleading ‘5G Evolution’ Branding—Under Protest
AT&T will stop using its “5G Evolution” branding after the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) found it misleading....
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Chrome Will Start Blocking Resource Heavy Ads
Google has announced that Chrome will soon start blocking resource intensive ads....
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Google Expands Advertiser Identity Verification Policy
Google has announced it is expanding its advertising identification policy in an effort to improve transparency....
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Without AI, Real-Time Personalization Would Not Be Possible
“How do we shorten the space between a signal that we get, say in behavioral data that we see show up either in an app or on a website, and then chu...
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TrafficGuard Launches Free PPC Fraud Protection
Advertising fraud protection firm TrafficGuard has announced the launch of free PPC fraud protection, as well as a pay-as-you-go Pro option....
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Online Ads Gaining Traction Amid Pandemic
Research shows that ads are gaining traction as more people are working online and relying on the internet for all aspects of life....
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Apple Will Allow Push Notification Advertising
iPhone and iPad users may soon be receiving advertising via push notifications, according to Apple’s latest App Store review guidelines....
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