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MapQuest Lets You Send Locations To Your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury
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AOL’s MapQuest announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company today, in which MapQuest users will be able to search for destinations from the MapQuest site, and send them directly to their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles (so long as they are equipped with the SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information service).

Google Announces Partnerships with Ford and General Motors
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Google announced that it has extended its Google Maps Send-to-Car service to Ford and GM vehicles. This applies to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in the US that are enabled with Ford SYNC, as well as OnStar equipped GM vehicles, which include models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saab and Saturn.

Ford Shows You Can Have Your Office in Your Truck
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As we discussed before, Internet-ready vehicles were one of the more interesting themes throughout the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One vehicle in particular that WebProNews got an up-close look at was the 2011 Ford Super Duty, which the company refers to as a "contractor’s dream."

Ford Turning Cars Into Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

Next year, Ford will be introducing it’s new version of SYNC, a technology it partnered with Microsoft on. This technology will allow you to have constant Wi-Fi in your car.

All an owner of a SYNC-ready car would have to do is plug in a compatible USB mobile broadband modem (or air card), and they will create a secure wireless connection that will be broadcast throughout the vehicle.

Some Brands Have Good Ideas For Social Media. Do You?
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Not all big brands are using social media tools to the potential they could be. For this reason, it really sticks out when they do. There are plenty of small businesses you can learn a lot about ways to use social media from, but it is the big brands that have the truly wide reach. These are the ones that are easier to find, just because they’re brands that you know.

How Big Brands Use Social Media
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For big brands learning to use social media effectively can be challenging as they try and find the best approach.

(Coverage of the BlogWorld conference continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

In a keynote with Scott Monty, head of social media for Ford Motor Company, Monty spoke about Ford’s entry into the social channel.

Automakers Cry to the Web

Who knew when socialism came to America it would be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit? Before I complain, I guess I have to say a bailout of the Big 3 seems necessary and suddenly fair. After all, the gov’t (Bush, …

Esquire Embracing E Ink In October

For their 75th Anniversary, Esquire Magazine plans something special: an electronic paper cover, complete with moving words and images.

Two Sides of the Internet

The Internet can always be amusing, or interesting or just plain frustrating. It really just depends on what side of the fence you are, on any given subjects.

Google Says “Failing Wisely” Is Just Fine

Although we all do it, “guessing and checking” can sometimes make a person look like a monkey.  And yet, if I remember correctly, the guess and check method is actually identified in some textbooks as a valid approach to problem-solving.  Also, the guys at Google are generally fine with the idea.

Ford Manipulates Forum Posts To Promote Mariner
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If nine out of ten people prefer cookies over rice cakes, gum over chewing tobacco, or champagne over sulfuric acid, haven’t you always wondered who the oddballs are?  Well, Ford’s found them, and is now using their online forum posts to promote the Mercury Mariner.

Google Introduces AdWords Business Pages In AU

Compared to much of the rest of the world, the nation of Australia is pretty young – you might say it got off to a late start.  Google’s doing its best to help the country’s inhabitants catch up, however, and in Australia and New Zealand, the search engine company recently introduced AdWords Business Pages in an attempt to get more businesses online.

Models Find A Runway On MySpace

MySpace and Ford Models Inc. have formed a partnership to create an online destination for "Ford Models Supermodel of the World".

How Long Until Search Engines are the Biggest Affiliates
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Writing For Online Readers Goes Against The Book

It pains me to suggest this, but we must ignore (one of) the teachings of Strunk and White.  We must turn our backs on a number of other writing guides.  And we must break our own habit of writing out numbers as words.

Instead, we should represent numbers with numerals – a recent eye-tracking study suggests that they’re much more likely to capture online readers’ interest.

Recalls Rise In Search Significance

Almost one month ago, fellow WebProNews writer Jason Lee Miller covered the Menu Foods pet food scare.  To date, his article has garnered 47 responses – a WebProNews record, as far as I know, and that proves a point: various recalls have become a very big deal in recent days.

Apple Goes Mobile With Ford, GM, And Mazda

From the makers of the “people’s car” (Volkswagen) to the manufacturers of the car-for-people-with-a-whole-lot-of-money (Ferrari), automakers are prepared to accommodate iPod users. The Americans have gotten in on the deal, too – Ford and GM made an arrangement with Apple that was announced yesterday.

GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler Make America Their Employees

GM extends its employee discount promotion after a big gain in sales; Ford offers a similar promotion to match.

Ford Raises Outlook For Second Quarter, Drops it for Full Year

Ford Motor Co. has cut down its earnings per share guidance for the year, as the company’s profit outlook for North American operations weakens.

Ford Reduces Earnings Guidance

Ford Motor Co. announced yesterday that it reduced its earnings per share guidance for the full-year 2005. This is a result of a weak profit outlook for the company’s North American operations.

Ford’s Hertz Rental Car Unit Files IPO

The troubled Detroit automaker seeks to raise $100 million USD through the stock offering.