Ford Is Dropping Mustang Mach-E Prices Across the Board

Ford is cutting prices across the board for the Mustang Mach-E in an effort to remain competitive following similar price cuts from Tesla.

Ford’s BlueCruise Beats Tesla’s Autopilot—By a Wide Margin

Consumer Reports has ranked the top automated driving systems, and Ford has come out on top, beating Tesla by a wide margin.

Ford Is Now the Second-Largest EV Maker

Ford has moved into second place among electric vehicle (EV) makers, passing Hyundai to take its place behind Tesla.

Websites Are Shunning the Facebook Button Over Privacy

Once almost ubiquitous across the internet, websites are increasingly shunning the Facebook button over privacy concerns.

Ford Plans to Cut 3,000 Jobs

Ford’s restructuring plans are coming into focus, with the automaker planning to cut 3,000 jobs.

‘Significant Material Cost Increases’ Lead to Major Electric F-150 Price Hike

Ford is increasing the price of the F-150 Lightning by up to $8,500 as a result of ‘significant material cost increases.’

Ford May Lay Off 8,000 to Fund EV Development

Ford may be preparing to lay off 8,000 employees as the automaker pivots to the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Ford CEO Says the Company Will Not Spin Off EV Division

Ford CEO Jim Farley has told a group of investors the company has no plans to spin off its EV division.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Topples Tesla Model 3 in Consumer Reports Ranking

Tesla has been knocked off its throne, with Consumer Reports (CR) now recommending the Ford Mustang Mach-E as its top electric vehicle (EV).

Ford and Volvo Partner With Redwood Materials to Recycle EV Batteries

Startup Redwood Materials is partnering with Ford and Volvo in an effort to recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Dealers Beware: Ford Will Withhold Inventory From Those That Gauge Customers

Ford CEO Jim Farley is laying down the law, warning dealers the company will withhold inventory from those that gouge customers.

Ford and Salesforce Partner on VIIZR, Small Business SaaS Tool

Ford and Salesforce are partnering on VIIZR, a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool designed for small businesses.

No, Companies Have No Idea When They’ll Return to the Office

After multiple return-to-office dates, COVID-19 surges and delayed expectations, one thing is clear: Companies have no idea when they’ll return.

Initial Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Four-Motor Variant

The highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck will initially be produced in a four-motor variant.

Ford Building EV Plants in Kentucky and Tennessee, Creating 11,000 Jobs

Ford has announced it is investing $11.4 billion to create four plants in Kentucky and Tennessee, bringing 11,000 jobs to the region.

White House Wades In As Chip Crisis Poised to Cost Auto Industry $210 Billion

The White House is discussing the ongoing semiconductor crisis with companies as the auto industry is poised to lose $210 billion in revenue.

Ford Delays Return to Office Till Next Year, May Require Vaccines

Ford is joining the growing list of companies pushing back their return to the office date, telling employees they will not be back till next year.

Rivian Prepares for an IPO

Electric vehicle startup Rivian is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) as the electric vehicle market heats up.

F-150 Plant Will Shut Down Due to Semiconductor Shortage

On the heels of news Toyota would cut September production, Ford’s F-150 plant in Kansas City will shut down as a result of the semiconductor shortage.

AT&T Delays Fiber to 500,000 Homes Due to Chip Shortage

AT&T is the latest company to face delays in product rollouts as a result of a global ship shortage.