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Multi-Screen Consumers Most Engaged, Loyal Consumers

A new study released today by comScore demonstrates that a television is no longer the only place that consumers are getting their watchable jollies thanks to computers, tablets, and smartphones all capable of delivering your favorite sitcoms and dramas. This incorporation of multiple screens into the consumer experience is reshaping how people develop loyalty to certain brands and how they …

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Facebook Study Shows Brands How to Build Engagement

With the Facebook IPO imminent, it’s no coincidence that Facebook has been whipping itself into a business-friendly shape. To that end, Facebook began to update Facebook Studio, the website that allows marketers to develop their Facebook campaigns and compare them with others. Less than a month ago, Facebook released a demo tool for Facebook Studio that allows marketers to preview …

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The Brands that Own the Brands [Infographic]

This lovely illustration and web of brands that own brands was featured on reedit.com today and reveals something very interesting about our choices as a consumer or, if you will, lack of choices. It’s titled, “The Illusion of Choice”. If you look at the brand groupings, it makes a lot of sense. Of course Nestle owns a bunch of animal …

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Age-Restrict Your Twitter Followers with “Twitter Gate”

Anyone who has ever visited the official website of a brewery or tried to watch a Mature-rated video game trailer knows the pain-in-the-ass part where you have to enter in your birthday in order to continue. Age verification is a way for companies to put some barrier between young people and mature content – although it’s not like these age …

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New Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

As promised, Facebook has begun to “roll out” its new timeline for brand pages. This is the next step in a series Facebook has taken to phase in the new feature for all users. Soon the option will no longer be, well, an option, as Facebook plans to have all personal and brand pages running on timeline by the end …

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Google Loved By Both Men And Women, According To Desired Brands Survey

If you’re ever having a fight with your significant other, know that you can find common ground over your shared love of Google, Dove, and Southwest Airlines. Brand insight firm Buyology has just released the results of their 2012 Most Desired Brand Index. The list “quantitatively types and measures consumer relationships with brands using rigorous quantitative tools that measure people’s …

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Google+ Brand Pages Grow 1400% Since December

One way to judge the popularity of Google+ is with total user growth, and some estimates put the network at over 100 million users. Those projections indicate that Google+ could have 400+ million by the end of 2012. Another metric is interaction with brands on the site. Google opened up Google+ to eager brands back in November of 2011, and …

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Facebook Timeline For Brands Coming Late February [REPORT]

Brands that want to utilize Facebook’s spiffy new Timeline feature won’t have to wait too much longer. According to apprised executives quoted in AdAge, Facebook plans to begin rolling out Timeline for Brands at the end of February. Apparently, Facebook plans to announce Timeline for Brands at their first-ever fMC event held specifically for marketers. fMC will take place on …

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