Majority Of People Have Abandoned Brands On Facebook And Twitter

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The majority (91%) of consumers have abandoned at lest one brand on Facebook, email or Twitter because of irrelevant or boring marketing messages, according to a new study by ExactTarget and CoTweet.

“Consumers remain willing to engage with marketers via the inbox, Facebook and Twitter,” said Jeff Rohrs, principal of ExactTarget’s Marketing Research and Education Group.





“However, consumers understand now more than ever that they are in control of marketers’ messages and will punish irrelevant, voluminous or boring messages by cutting off marketers means of direct communication.”

Highlights of the study include:

*81 percent of consumers have either “unliked” or removed a company’s posts from their Facebook news feed.

*41 percent of consumers have “unfollowed” a company on Twitter.

*71 percent of consumers report being more selective about “liking” a company on Facebook versus last year.

*77 percent of consumers report being more cautious about providing their email address to companies versus last year