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How the Metaverse Will Affect Brand Loyalty
How will things play out in the metaverse when it comes to brand loyalty? Find out more information in the article below....
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Levi’s Is a Brand That Can Drive Traffic, Says CEO
The Levi's brand is incredibly strong and so we're in a position with all of our customers to be asking for more, to be asking for more floor space an...
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Microsoft Introduces Bing Pages To Help Individuals & Companies Manage Their Brands
First reported by MSPoweruser, Microsoft has unveiled Bing Pages, a new way β€œfor brands to manage their public personas on Microsoft products like B...
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Brands That Adjust to the New Economy Are Going to be More Successful
Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder says that brands that adjust to the new economy are going to be more successful. He says that Walmart and Targe...
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Facebook Expands Canvas Marketing Opportunities
Canvas is Facebook’s mobile marketing platform for companies wanting to present a more immersive experience to potential customers. It’s a...
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87 Million Millennials on LinkedIn Seeking to Change the World
A LinkedIn study recently took a look a Millennials in an attempt to erase the stereotype that they are lazy, entitled and unemployed. “Given th...
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How To Build Your YouTube Audience, From A Gamers Perspective
YouTube is arguably the most disruptive marketing platform of this decade. Yes, it’s been around since 2005, but only in the last few years is i...
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Twitter: New Timeline Should Benefit Businesses
On Wednesday, Twitter confirmed reports of a new algorithmic timeline, but stressed that to enable it, users have to do so themselves in settings. In ...
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Facebook Just Gave Pages a Path to Better Visibility
For all intents and purposes, Facebook just gave users more control over what they see in the news feed than ever before. And with it, a pathway (albe...
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Spotify Lets Brands Tailor Ads Based on Your Mood with New Playlist Targeting
Spotify’s ad offerings for brands have included audience targeting for some time – based on age, gender, location, platform, and genre prefere...
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Facebook’s Organic Reach Murder Is Sending Brands to Instagram in Droves – But Are They Following a Sirens’ Song?
At this point, brands probably feel like it would be more effective to don dinosaur costumes and shout on the street corner than to post stuff to Face...
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Cinemagraphs Could Be the Next Big Thing in Facebook Advertising
Facebook, a company that makes its money selling ad space, has the same problem that everyone who deals in advertising has. How do I capture the consu...
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Facebook: Video Is Taking Over, Up 75% in the Last Year
Facebook says the video party is in full swing and content creators (users, but more importantly – brands) should come join said party. Or if they&#...
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Instagram Destroys Twitter in Brand Engagement, Says Report
Brands looking to cultivate a robust social media following should be putting a lot of their time into Instagram, according to recent data. Socialbake...
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CNN Talking Heads Use Product-Placed Surface Tablets As iPad Stands
Once again, Microsoft is having a hard time controlling the variables of its product placement. You may have been watching CNN’s election covera...
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Colin Kaepernick Fined for Wearing Beats Headphones
It looks like we have our first victim of the NFL’s Beats by Dre headphones ban. The NFL has fined San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepern...
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NFL Announcers Keep Calling Microsoft’s Product-Placed Surface Tablets ‘iPads’
Oftentimes, a brand can become so ubiquitous that people stop thinking of it as a brand of a specific product, and instead begin to associate the bran...
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Hyperlapse Marketing Is Obviously Already Happening
Whenever a new social media experience catches the media’s attention, marketers are usually among the first to take note and utilize it. On Tues...
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Instagram Debuts Ad Analytics Suite for Brands
By some accounts, brands are seeing more engagement from their instagram ads than they are from other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Insta...
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Brands Get Way To See When They Appear On Tumblr
Ditto Labs announced on Tuesday that it has formed a firehose partnership with Tumblr, which will enable brands to find their logos and products withi...
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