SMS Fees Halt UK Mobile Twitter Tweeting
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Mobile phone users of Twitter in the United Kingdom lost the ability for their tweets to reach their Twitter followers; Twitter’s Biz Stone blamed soaring costs.

IOC Forces YouTube Removal Of Tibet Protest Video
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The presence of the Olympic’s five interlocking rings in a video of a protest against Chinese control of Tibet led to the International Olympic Committee claiming copyright infringement.

The Joy Of 404-Ing
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A 404 “page not found” error shows a problem happened when someone tried to reach a web page. Webmasters should reach for the opportunity to make those occasions work for them, not against them.

L’Oreal Loses Belgian Case Against eBay
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Belgium belongs on everybody’s "good" list thanks to its contributions to the development of waffles and beer.  Now, eBay execs are further indebted to the country due to a ruling on a suit filed by L’Oreal.

Blog Day – August 31, 2008

Familiar with BlogDay? I wasn’t either until recently when I saw details on Jeff Pulver’s Blog.

Some details: On August 31st, bloggers are asked to post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

BlogDay posting instructions:

eBay In Talks To Buy Stake In Korean Competitor Gmarket
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eBay is in talks to buy a minority stake in South Korean competitor Gmarket and is in discussions with Interpark to buy its 37 percent stake.

The companies are waiting for approval from the Korea Fair Trade Commission, eBay spokesman Jose Mallabo said.

"There can be no assurance that the KFTC will approve the possible transaction, that an agreement will be reached or that a transaction will occur," Mallabo said in a statement.

Report: YouTube Avoiding Live Video
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Anyone who’s dying to see more teenagers whine in real time is in for a disappointment: despite earlier indications to the contrary, a fresh report indicates that YouTube won’t be entering the world of live video anytime soon.

Phelps Creating Online Buzz
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U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps is having success in the Beijing Olympics that has led him to be the most talked about Olympic athlete on the Internet according to Nielsen Online.

What Do You Value From SEO Conferences

Sunday I’ll be taking off to San Jose for a week at Search Engine Strategies. Earlier this year I spoke at SES New York, but in San Jose I’ll be going as press. Which means I get a free pass and I’m expected to write about my experience. That’s a decent trade-off!

Search Engine Strategies


eMarketer Lowers Online Advertising Estimate
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Socks get lost all the time, and it’s easy enough to misplace a pen.  But people perk up when a billion dollars disappears, and eMarketer has lowered its prediction concerning U.S. online advertising spending by that amount.

Yahoo Search Buffs Inquisitor For Mac
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Safari users on their preferred Mac hardware platform can pick up an updated version of Inquisitor, a version of Yahoo Search Assist.

FeedBurner Ad Network sacked by Google

The push to AdSense for Feeds begins in earnest.

Candidate Web Sites As Effective As TV Ads

Two national studies of political consultants and American voters indicate that candidate Web sites are almost as effective for reaching loyal base voters as network and cable television ads.

Twenty-five percent of political consultants said a candidate’s own Web site was effective for communication with base voters while 26 percent said television and cable ads are useful. Close to half (46%) said the best way to reach base voters is with email, followed by direct mail, events and phone.

Google Didn’t Wipe Georgia Off The Map

People noticed over the past couple of days that street maps of recently-froggy nation of Georgia were missing from Google Maps. This sparked subsequent (invented) speculation that Google had removed data about Georgia in the wake of the Russian retaliatory invasion.

Wipe Georgia Off The Map

Former Googler Leaving Facebook
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Ben Ling was quoted after Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook’s most recent press release.  He wrote the company’s second-newest official blog entry.  And now the director of platform program management seems ready to work for someone else.

Bloggers Take Aim At Olympic Fakery
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Bloggers are expressing their anger today after it was revealed that China decided at the Olympic opening ceremony to have a cute little girl lip-synching for the real singer who had crooked teeth.

UK ISP Music Deal Only Sounds Reasonable
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The US and Britain go about some things differently; this was as the heart of our little squabble in the 18th Century. It’s not surprising an announcement that a UK ISP will be both music piracy police and provider of subscription music services doesn’t seem to ring many alarms.

Report: Online TV Growing Slowly In The UK

UK advertisers who are fond of broadcast television have nothing to fear from its online counterpart, according to a new report.  In fact, the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) found that traditional "commercial impacts" are up, and it seems to believe that any sort of switch is still a long ways off.

Jupitermedia Reports 2nd Quarter Results

Jupitermedia Corporation has released the financial results for the second quarter of 2008 ending on June 30.


The company had slightly higher revenues of $35 million for the second quarter, compared with 34.6 million last year.

Health, Travel Sites Dependent On Google Traffic
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Searchers swimming downstream on the currents of the Internet, via the queries they make on Google, fuel significant percentages of some industry verticals.

Spot Runner Runs Off Staff, Reorganizes
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The company’s business model of online and TV advertising expanded through the year, with Spot Runner now laying off employees to bring on others suited to the new lines of services.

Yahoo Lights Up Location Data With Fire Eagle

Yahoo’s Brickhouse incubator opened its latest work: Fire Eagle, a location data management platform for web applications.

Social Networking A Global Affair
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Depending on where you are, MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn may be the most popular destination for social networking.

Google Touches On Spam And Virus Protection
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Is Google feeling a little guilty about its Gmail outage?  Or perhaps whoever’s responsible for the company’s main blog is just bowing to the slow news day.  Regardless, Google’s giving users a heads up regarding spam and virus problems.