Microsoft Office Building
Yet Another Analyst Believes Microsoft Could Unseat Amazon, Cites ‘Paranoia’ Surrounding AWS

Business Insider is reporting that RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Alex Zukin believes Microsoft could…

Cyberattacks May Be Imminent In Wake Of U.S. Strike On Iranian Leader

In the wake of a U.S. strike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Quds…

iPhone 11 Pro
$1,000 Is the Breaking Point For Most Phone Buyers

According to new data by The NPD Group, $1,000 is too expensive for the overwhelming…

Seemantini Godbole
Lowe’s Goes the DIY Route For Software Development

Lowe’s slogan is “do it right for less.” While that primarily applies to home repair…

AI Girl
German Commission Recommends Tighter Regulation of AI Development

Few technologies have sparked as much debate, held more promise or terrified more people than…

Verizon Reports Strong Third Quarter, Beating Analysts’ Estimates

Verizon Communications, Inc. reported a strong Q3 2019 driven by solid gains in wireless customers.…

Alteryx Acquires Feature Labs, An MIT-Born Machine Learning Startup

Data science is one of the fastest growing segments of the tech industry, and Alteryx,…

How Non-Amazon Retailers “Leaned Into” Prime Day To Increase Sales - Salesforce Execs Explain
How Non-Amazon Retailers “Leaned Into” Prime Day To Increase Sales

“Retailers and brands took advantage of the buzz, the demand, the awareness, that Amazon has created and really rode that wave for great growth,” says Rob Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights for Salesforce. “Retailers didn’t just ignore Prime Day, but they leaned into it.”

Patrick Morley, CEO of Carbon Black
Carbon Black Uses AI to Analyze 500 Billion Daily Security Events, Says CEO

“Carbon Black is analyzing 500 billion security events across the globe every single day,” says Carbon Black CEO Patrick Morley. “Of course, you can’t do that with people. We certainly leverage the compute capability of the cloud. Then we apply AI and machine learning models to that.”

Michael Dell Predicts in 10 Years More Computed Data on the Edge Than Cloud

“The surprise outcome ten years from now is there’ll be something much bigger than the private cloud and the public cloud,” says Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell. “It’s the edge. I actually think there will be way more computed data on the edge in ten years than any of the derivatives of cloud.”