Shopify and Google Cloud Expand Partnership

Shopify and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership to bring Google Cloud AI search capabilities to Shopify’s Commerce Components.

Google Invests $300M in AI Startup Founded by OpenAI VP

Google is continuing its quest to come up with an answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, investing in a rival founded by a former OpenAI VP.

Google Cloud Will Reportedly Unfreeze Hiring by October

Google Cloud will reportedly unfreeze hiring by October amid an industry-wide hiring freeze and layoffs.

Google Cloud Exec Fires Back at Microsoft’s Cloud Licensing Terms

A Google Cloud exec is firing back at Microsoft’s cloud computing licensing changes, accusing the company of not ‘addressing core customer concerns.’

Former VMware, Cisco Exec Joins Google Cloud As Global VP

Google has hired Dominick Delfino as Global Vice President of Cyber Security Sales, following positions with some of the leading tech companies.

Google Takes Aim at AWS With AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

Google has unveiled AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and taken aim at industry leader AWS and its Aurora PostgreSQL service.

Google Cloud Losing EU Talent to AWS

Google Cloud’s European division has a talent problem, as AWS has poached one of its top executives.

Google Buying Mandiant For $5.4 Billion

Google and Mandiant have confirmed a deal for Google to acquire the cybersecurity firm for $5.4 billion.

Verizon and Google Cloud Team Up to Deliver 5G Mobile Edge Computing

Verizon and Google Cloud are teaming up to deliver 5G mobile edge computing to customers.

Google and CME Group Announce 10-Year Partnership

Google and CME Group announced a 10-year partnership that will see the futures exchange operator transition to Google’s cloud platform.

Thomas Kurian Remaking Google Cloud Leadership to Be More Competitive

Google Cloud is in third place in the cloud industry, but CEO Thomas Kurian is remaking its leadership in a bid to be more competitive.

Google Lowers Third-Party Cloud Marketplace Fees

Google Cloud has made a major change in hopes of being more competitive, slashing the commission it charges for third-party cloud app sales.

Google Investing $1.2 Billion in Its German Cloud Infrastructure

Google is investing $1.2 billion to expand its cloud infrastructure in Germany, and has committed to using more renewable energy.

Google Cloud Promises Product Stability With Enterprise APIs

Google is working to convince its cloud customers they can count on it for product and feature stability with Google Enterprise APIs.

Google Cloud and Vodofone Partner to Create ‘Industry-First Global Data Platform’

Google Cloud and Vodofone have partnered to create an “industry-first global data platform.”

Oracle Gets Boost From Barron’s Coverage of Company’s Cloud Business

Oracle’s stock has seen its best day in nearly a year on positive coverage of its cloud business by Barron’s, although some critics are not impressed.

Google Cloud’s Business Is Taking Off

Google Cloud is back to business as normal, and focused on growth, following an initial slowdown as a result of the pandemic.

Google Cloud Opens New Cloud Regions

Google Cloud has announced it has opened three new cloud regions, expanding its worldwide cloud presence.

Cloud Business Powers Oracle’s Quarterly Results

Oracle announced its quarterly results and its cloud business was the star of the show.

Google Cloud Focusing on Telecom Industry

In its ongoing efforts to gain cloud market share, Google Cloud has launched a version of its platform specifically aimed at the telecom industry.